Your Visit to Tuam

It has come to our attention that many of you have visited or plan to visit Tuam in the near future so we have decide to create a section for this. You might have a story or advice about such a visit. Were there places that might be of particular interest - for research or whatever? Do you have addresses, opening times, phone numbers, contact names, where to park, eat - ANYTHING!

If you have a visit planned then send us an email. Include the dates - someone else's visit might coincide and you might wish to meet up. Ask any questions you have about it. Include anything else you want to say.

Kev and Jen Curran's Visit in1999

The Rishworth Reunion 2003

John Corliss's Diary 2005

Patte Fera meets her Judge family in Tuam

Ballinasloe Library (really helpful people here)

Tuam Library (same here)

The National Archives Of Ireland (Dublin)

Galway City Library

Tuam Guide

LDS Libraries In Ireland



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