From Kev and Jen Curran (researching Costello)

We were in Ireland in 1999 this unfortunately was after I had found information on John Costello so we did not get to Tuam but went to Cork, found my husband's great great grandfather's grave, the house where the grandfather was born and lived. It was so funny as I called into the local post office at Cornahinch to ask for directions to the cemetery, the lady asked whom was I looking for and I said Jack Curran, my husband's grandfather, sure we've not had any mail for him for years now was her answer!!!!! I thought, well I hope not, he's been dead for 80 years to our knowledge!!!! Anyway such a small world really as when we got to the cemetery we were of course looking around and this gentleman asked if he could help as he was the manager. I told him who we were and who we were looking for and why, to our astoundment he said, oh you mean great uncle Jack, well now he's buried over there, I'll show you. He was obviously a distant cousin of my husband. Apparently we should have gone into the local pub for a Guinness or two, as it was owned by yet another cousin, however next time.

Practical Arrangements

We stayed in B&B's (out of towns, therefore cheaper!!!). Landed at Shannon airport and hired a car which was reasonably cheap. We found whilst travelling around Ireland that staying at B & B's outside of the towns were just great and usually recommended by various members of different genealogy groups that we had managed to find (very hard to do in Ireland)
We didn't go to Dublin because we ran out of time - it is my one main regret. you see I am sure that I could have perhaps found Maria Bertha Costello's records there - alias Mary Costello, daughter of John Costello (customs officer). She told my family (mother, two aunts) that she was brought up in a convent in Dublin. Well, I do know that Dublin is a big and lovely city (visited there in 1968) but there can't be that many convents there and surely they would have records for names of children that boarded with them? 
Being very cheeky, do you know by chance of anyone that could or would be prepared look around for me. You see due to ill health I will never be able to travel to UK or Ireland ever again so it would be just wonderful if there was someone who was prepared to have a look around Dublin for me to obtain those records.

Didn't actually set up mobile telephone for 1999 visit, however, we had to get to UK urgently in 2000 for the quickest whirlwind tour you have ever done from Australia to UK - 10 days from this door step to UK door step and back again - no kidding. Because we were leaving our youngest at home - still at school etc. we organised with Telstra (here in Australia) for a reciprocal arrangement with BT UK - we rang everyday from our mobile and were expecting an horrendous bill ( various people had commented that it would cost a fortune and we would never be able to afford the bill etc. etc. etc. all negative remarks) We returned to Australia and 6 weeks later the phone bill arrived - ringing Will everyday from UK to Australia using a mobile phone and him ringing us also at times - the whole bill was $41.52 (Australian)  - NO KIDDING. True! I have the phone bill to prove it. That is just wonderful as far as I am concerned. Jen.

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