sons and daughters of Tuam 

***************************************************************** Hird family

Utley Cemetery, Keighley - West Yorkshire - England  - I came across the following entry::
Consecrated book 3 - Number 8699 - Buried - 30/6/1896 - Margaret Hird -
33years - Married Woman - Address - Auglish House Tuam.

I have discovered that there is another person in the grave of Margaret  - from a different property - with the name of King - I am thinking at the moment that it may have been Margaret's maiden name - but I am trying to find out and find a spouse & her Keighley address. Malcolm Reeves  (Keighley Local Family History Society)

**************************************************************** Melody and Burke Families

In 1999 my husband and I were on an Elderhostel trip to Galway and we visited a graveyard north of the city. We found a marble stone with Christ's picture on it for a MELODY family and since my grandmother had been born a MELODY , I wanted a picture . The inscription read:

In Loving Memory of
Patrick MELODY
died 31 May 1951.
His wife Catherine
died 21 June1957.
Their son James
died 27 Feb 1967.
Patrick J.MELODY
died 13April 1988

We photographed another black marble stone also because it was unusual, it had two parts and the left side was slightly slanted.. The left side read

illiam BURKE
died 22Feb.1949
aged 49 yrs.
His wife Mary Ellen
died 14 Aug. 1972
aged 80 yrs.
died29 Jan. 1980
aged 63 yrs.
His wife Ann
ed 23 Sept. 1957
aged 33 yrs.
and their two children
died 9 April 1978
aged 52 yrs.

No mention of the other child. The right hand side of the monument was inscribed
St. Joseph 
the worker pray
for us.

There was a statue of a young boy probably Jesus at the foot of the stone and both sides were mounted on another piece of black marble with the BURKE name inscribed on it. Since my grandmother Mary MELODY died in 1903, I have no idea if the MELODY family on the one stone is part of my family or not, but perhaps either of these tombstones will fill in a blank for someone.