Received 4th February 1700


Jack Verdon aged 52 of County Limerick, sergeant of the colonel of Lee’s Regiment Montcassel, Greder, Furstemberg, and Hamilton, in which he has served 30 years, mentioned in his certificate. He bears an order from the Marquis of Barbesieux to be received. Married in Dunkirk. Catholic

1st September 1720. Jack Verdon of the company of Sr. Ferrer ATD in garrison at Montreüil sur Mer having obtained 3 months sick leave on 15th March last being unable to go back to the company after his sick leave is…



Received 8th April 1701

Died 8th May 1733

Jack de Val aged 30 of County Carlow, soldier of Sr. Donelan, Bourke’s Regiment under the Queen of England, in which he has served 8 years borne out by his certificate, and says that he has served 4 years in Ireland. He has completely lost his sight due to a fluxion which developed after having been removed by a stove(?) at the Siege of Barcelona. Catholic.



Hugues (de) Vett aged 30 of Londonderry, soldier of the colonel of Dillon’s Irish Regiment, in which he says he has served 7 years. His left arm is crippled by a musket shot at Castelfoillit. Catholic.  



Gave up his place 16 January 1700 . Given £3 for his journey and his certificates were returned to him.  

Nicolas du Val aged 31 of Kilmalock, dragoon of the colonel of the King of England’s Dragoons Regiment in which he has served 10 years, borne out by his certificate. His right arm is crippled by a musket shot at Valence. Tailor by trade. Catholic.


Received 21st December 1703

Died 13 January 1709.

David Verdon aged 72 of County Limerick, reformation lieutenant at the suite of Berwick’s Regiment, in which he has served for two and a half years, as well as 6 years as reformation lieutenant in Limerick, 5 years in the Marines, 3 years as lieutenant in Limerick in Ireland, and 15 years as lieutenant, sub-lieutenant, ensign and cadet under Hamilton in France. His weak eyesight combined with his caducity puts him out of service. He bears an order from Mr. Chamillart to be received. Catholic


Received 15th February 1704

Died 28 August 1712 at Calais Citadel

Daniel Vignon aged 32 of County Fermanagh, soldier of Sr. Rabutin, lieutenant colonel of Sillery’s Regimen, in which he says he has served 3 years, as well as 2 years in Auvergne’s and 8 years in the Irish Marine Regiment and Albemarle’s. He is extremely troubled by his left leg due to a rifle shot which he received in a sortie at the defence of Bonn which combined with a bomb fragment to his left groin on the same occasion which caused him a décente puts him out of service. Catholic.



Received 23rd November 1714


Edward Verdon aged 52 of Verdon, County Louth, lieutenant in the company of Sr. Tourette, Nuaillé’s Infantry Regiment, in which he has served 3 years, as much in that rank as sub-lieutenant, apparently 11 years as cavalier in Nugent’s Regiment under Scheldon, 3 years as reformation lieutenant in Berwick’s and 6 years in the Greder of King Jacques. One of his certificates confirms that he has served 23 years. Two fingers of his right hand are crippled from a sabre cut he received near Mayence which combined with his other wounds puts him out of service. Catholic

25 June 1716 being of the Company of the Sr. Duperré ATD in garrison at the Château of Lichtenberg having obtained sick leave from his Captain on 6 July 1715 being unable to return to the company after a letter of the 26 April 1716.



Received unknown

Adam Vance, aged 50 years, of Down. Married in England

Received 10th August 1730

Patrick (de) Vett of Down Patrick, County Down