Received 23rd January 1698

Died 20th August 1726 at Ham ATD

Brian Jansson(Johnson?), aged 30 of County Ardemack, cavalier of Sr. Roche, King of England’s Regiment, in which he has served 6 years, as well as 3 years in Ireland (borne out by his certificate). His left hand is crippled from a musket shot at Kénanne,  Ireland which combined with other wounds puts him out of service. Hatter by trade.  Catholic.

29th March 1712  he re-entered service in Sr. Cottmen’s company, Costmen’s Dragoons Regiment. On 23rd May 1714 he returned to the hostel. On 15th October 1723 he was taken to Kremlin-Bicetre (Paris) for one year for having twice slept out of the hostel. He returned here on 10th June 1724.

Received 17th October 1700

Died 30th August 1720 at Ardres ATD.

Daniel Janson (Johnson?) aged 65 years of County Antrim, soldier of Sr. McCarty Derry, Lee’s Regiment, under Montcassel, Greder-Allemand and Hamilton, in which he has served for 30 years (seems from certificate). His troubles make him totally incapable of continuing his services. Catholic.


Received 7th July 1702


Christopher Jones aged 30 of Molingard, Ireland, soldier of Sr. Rourk, Lee’s Regiment under Montcassel, in which he has served 12 years (confirmed by his certificate) He says he has also served 4 years in the King of England’s Guards Regiment in Ireland. His right foot is crippled as the result of being crushed by a cannon carriage wheel 8 years ago which along with a musket shot to his leg at the Siege of Ath and other wounds puts him out of service. Gardener by trade. Catholic.


Received 8th March 1696

Died 26 October 1723

Francis Jordan aged 24 of County Galway, soldier of Sr. Hart, Dillon’s Regiment, in which says he has served 6 years. His left foot is crippled from a musket shot at Castelfoillit. Catholic




Received 21st July 1691

Died 21st July 1700.

William Jordan known as “The Rose” aged 60 of Dublin, cavalier of Sr. Vulayne. Chartres Regiment, in which he has served 16 years in the same company (confirmed by his certificate). He says he has also served 4 years in Monmouth’s English Regiment and 2 in Roscommon, Ireland. His wounds put him out of service. Catholic



Received 12th August 1729

Died 8th April 1742 at Porrentruy ATD.

Edmond Joyce aged 54 of the town and county of Leitrim, sergeant of Sr. MacDonagh, Dillon’s Regiment, leaving due to the incorporation of Galmoy’s Regiment under the Queen of England’s Dragoons in which he has served for 38 years (mentioned in his certificate dated 25 November last). His wounds and troubles put him out of service. Married in Paris. Catholic.



Received unknown

Raymond Jonin of Schivel, County Mayo. Married at Mouson sur Meuse.

Received unknown

Lambert Jançon (Johnson?) of Bruxelles originally from Tipperary

Received 24th September 1719

Richard Joelsh of Timash, County Mayo


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