Received 12th August 1729

Died 6 September 1730 at Nantes Hospital ATD.

Gerard Ia˙e aged 63 of Lustull, County Kerry, soldier of Sr. McCarty, Dillon’s  Regiment under O’Donnell and Clare in which he has served for 39 years (borne out by his certificate dated 25 November 1728). He is troubled by a complete decline of his left side which along with his other wounds puts him out of service. Catholic

Received 12th February 1699

Died 19 June 1732 at Calais ATD.

Maurice Inglesse (English) aged 28 of Limerick, soldier of Sr. Cruse, Dublin’s Irish Regiment, in which he has served for 6 years (borne out by his certificate) He says that he has also for 4 years in Ireland. His right arm is crippled pour n'avoir pas esté remis after the fall he had at Heidelberg. Cobbler by trade. Catholic.

3 Sept. 1699 received permanently.



Received 9th February 1703

Died 2nd February 1714.

John Inguelande (England) aged 45 of Cork, grenadier of Sr. Plunket, Bourke’s Regiment under Lutrell and Clancarty, in which he has served for 15 years (borne out by his certificate). His left arm is crippled from a sabre cut at Cremona which combined with another sabre cut to his upper jaw on the same occasion puts him out of service. Stonecutter by trade. Catholic.


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