Received 28th May 1688

Died 13th August 1691 at Montreuil ATD

Louis Egan aged 60 of Kilgueril, Ireland, soldier in Mannery's, Greder’s Regiment under Furstemberg, in which he has served 10 years as well as 9 years in Hamilton’s. His certificate states that he has served the king for 17 years. His wounds, combined with his age, put him out of service. Catholic.


Received 26th September 1697

Died 11th March 1701

John Egan aged 30 of Kilkenny, dragoon in Meujan's, King of England’s Dragoons Regiment, in which he says he has served 9 years. He has lost his left eye due to a pistol shot at Valence and his right arm is crippled from a pistol shot at Marsaglia which puts him out of service. Catholic.




Received 15th September 1695

Gave up his place 25th November 1695. Given £15 PSC and his certificates were returned to him.

Edmond Effie aged 33 of County Cork, dragoon lieutenant colonel Carroll's, Royal Irish Dragoons Regiment, in which he says he has served 7 years as much in France as in Ireland. He has had his left arm “cut” after a musket shot at Marsaglia (confirmed by his certificate). Married in Ireland. Armourer by trade. Catholic..

Received 15th August 1697

Sent back. Given £15 PSC

Jack Egan aged 24 of Dublin, soldier in Jack Dillon's, Dillon’s Irish Regiment, in which he says he has served 7 years. His right hand is crippled from a sabre blow at the Siege of Rose combined with which he is greatly troubled by scrofula which puts him out of service. Catholic..


Received 22nd May 1698

Sent back. Given £15 PSC

Bernard Egan aged 26 of Limerick, soldier in Nugent's, Berwick’s Regiment under the King of England’s Dragoons, in which he says he has served 7 years. His left leg was crippled by a musket shot at Marsaglia. Catholic.



Received 4th November 1679

Died 24th April 1687.

Alexander Eustache Irish, aged 55, soldier in the regiment. of Saillans’ Guards Company in which he has served for 18 years. He has received several wounds which make him incapable of continuing. Married Catholic.




Received 31st October 1704


Jacob Eivry known as “Belair” aged 30 years of County Dublin, sergeant of the French Company of Sr. Parpaille at Anneret in which he says he has served one year 7 years in Lee’s and Montcassel’s Regiments. His right knee is crippled from a rifle shot near Grave whilst commanding  party to put Holland under taxation. Catholic..

25 August 1706. He was expelled from the Hostel by order of  Mr. Chamillart for having twice slept out.

Pardoned the 28th August 1706 from the King’s own mouth.

23 May 1709. He was taken to Bicester  Kremlin for a year by order of Mr Chamillart for being a scoundrel in Paris. (23 May 1710. He returned here)

22 April 1713 he deserted from the Hostel.




Received 5th November 1716

Died 18th October 1726 at Metz ATD

Luke Erly aged 67 of Guen, County Meath, soldier of Sir Plunkett, lieutenant colonel of O’Donnell’s Irish Regiment under Fitzgerald’s and Dublin’s in which he has served 25 years (confirmed by his certificate). His weak eyesight and other infirmities put him out of service. Catholic..




Received Name

15th February 1714

John Estienne of County Cork. Catholic


Michel Ecklenn of Ambletonnbarne, Ireland

14th September 1741

Thomas Esmond of Klenigall, County Dublin

  20th August 1719

Edmond Eustache of Brannexton, County Kildare. Married in Lille.


Daniel Egan of Ballimore province of Munster

11th September 1732

Jack Egan of Nioutonnefarbiss, County Longford