Irish Wild Geese

at The Hotel d'Invalides Paris 1673 to 1796

We are in the process of translating the records of 2200 Irish soldiers who were admitted to the Hotel d'Invalides in Paris.

French volunteers are in the process of transcribing these records. Our translations may not be entirely correct as the entries are being transcribed exactly as they were written.

This means that not only are they are in Old French but the spellings are inconsistent, there are medical terms that are outdated and names have been written as pronounced.

The records on the website will have additional information but we hope our efforts help you to make some sense of what you find there.

As usual the most recent additions to this section are to be found in the Tuamite Meeting Room. If you are a site member you will know that the best way to enter is via the leprechaun on the Search Page.

References are frequently made to somewhere called Bicester which seems to have been a military prison outside Paris.

The following links are photos we have found of this place.


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