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Newell, O'Connor I'm looking for any information on my grandfather, James Newell,.  He married my grandmother Catherine O'Connor in Tuam Cathedral in 1907.  I found this out when I visited Ireland last year.  I know that he was a blacksmith and was a widower with grown children when he married my grandmother. I'm not sure when he died but it was sometime before my mother Nora Newell emigrated to the US. In 1927. My mother Nora Newell was born in Sept of 1908.

Also would anyone know how I can find out what ship she sailed on.  Her passport shows she sailed from Dublin. Arlene

Nolan, Connelly, Connolly My wife's great grandmother, Maria (Mary?) Nolan gave Galway as her birthplace when marrying in Australia in 1864. Further research places -  Maria's parents, Peter Nolan and Bridget Connelly/Connolly at Abbeyknockmoy - which I believe is not far from Tuam.

Peter Nolan m. Bridget Conno(e)lly - location and date unknown.
Known children:

William Nolan -  born 16th December 1845, christened Ryehill, Abbeyknockmoy, 16th December 1845

Matthew Nolan - born 18th March 1843, christened Bullane, Abbeyknockmoy

Maria (Mary?) Nolan - born and christened, place unknown but about 1834

No knowledge of rest of family but Maria migrated to Australia in 1853 and married an expatriate Scot - Donald McPherson - at Stawell, Victoria, in 1864. Regards the older of the two robbos  Peter Robinson

O'Brennan  I am trying to find out about Martin Andrew O'Brennan.  He was born in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo in 1812.  He founded the Connaught Patriot in Tuam in 1859.  He wrote articles that angered everyone!  By March 1866 he had to leave Tuam and by April 1867 I think he was run out of London and came to the USA.  I can find out NOTHING about any O'Brennans.  There are millions of Brennans.  He must have been from some line that didn't drop the "O."  Do you know of any others? in Mayo or Galway?  Martin's wife and all 9 of his kids came to the US so there would be no direct descendants of his in Ireland.-  Barbara Hettwer

O’Connor, Gilmore My husband' grandmother, Catherine Mary O'Connor, was born approximately 1883. Her parents were Patrick O'Connor and Margaret Gilmore. Her siblings, all born in Tuam are as follows: 
Annie O'Connor, Martin O'Connor, Margaret O'Connor, born 30 November 1865, Bridget O'Connor, born 30 August 1870, Delia O'Connor, born November 1871 and Patrick O'Connor, born 14 May 1875.Any help with her birth information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Sincerely, Sharon Pelgorsch (Sept 2005)

O'Halloran Linda

ORR, JOHN John was said to have been Rector of Dunmore in Galway.   He died in 1837.  Can anyone help with a Church of Ireland Clergy  list for Dunmore?  John was also Vicar of Aglishmartin in Kilkenny and there is also a Dunmore in Kilkenny which made me wonder if he was actually Vicar of Dunmore in Kilkenny rather than Galway.  Any info on this John would be helpful.   He was said to have been a nephew of the Marquis of Ely from Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin.  Helen Burton

Persse, Lambert My main interests are Lambert of Castles Lambert and Ellen Persse of Moyode Castle and other residences. Peter Wood, Hamilton, New Zealand

Persse, Taylor My great grandparents Walter Taylor and his wife Jane Caroline Isabela (or Isabelle) (Persse) Taylor came to the Boston area of Massachusetts with their five children. My grandfather was the last of these children. He was named Walter Thomas Henry Taylor; we knew that the names of Walter and Thomas were very common in the Taylor family in Galway, but we didn't know where the name "Henry" that occurred in his name. We now know that "Henry" was common in the Persse family.  We now know many of my Galway folks went to Australia and to England. We had relatives in Mulpit and Athenry and other places in Galway. Harry Averell Taylor Jr.

Phillips see Kelly

Prendergast, Costello . My ancestor Henry Prendergast and his wife Mary Costello came to South Australia from Tuam in 1853. I do not have much information on them but will get out what I have and
send it to you. About twenty years ago my cousin was in Ireland and had a search done by someone in Dublin Castle (I think) but it gave us very little information.
Annie P.



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