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Mannion Maureen Wieser

Mannion My Great grandfather was Thomas Mannion who said he came from Tuam. Born in 1838 he married Mary Broderick on 4 March 1861 at St Alban's Church, Warrington  England, his father was shown as John Mannion (deceased) Farmer and Mary`s father as Michael Broderick (deceased), farmer. Recently I discovered a baptism of Thomas Mannion on Oct. 15th 1838 at Cummer/Kilmoylan Father John Mannion, Mother Honor Costello -  sponsors were Mick and Biddy Rabitt. In the 1861 Census the newly weds were shown living with Mary`s mother Catherine Solan (2nd marriage) both mother and daughter shown born in Ireland. How do I prove that the Thomas`s are the same person? Terry Whelan

Martin Nancy

Martin Patricia

Matthews family of Tuam. Can anyone help with the Matthews family (various spellings). The Latter Day Saints list a John Mathew who married an Anne A Burton in Tuam in 1828. Has anyone a Matthews in their tree c. 1800. There ought to be quite a family of them! Many thanks Helen Burton

McLaughlin, McLoughlin Most of my Galway connections are a little east of Tuam...Moylough (Mullighmore East) and Mountbellew. These interests being Kelly, Quin, McLaughlin and Duffy. My primary interest is McLaughlin and it is my belief that all McLaughlin's from that area are the product of one couple...Martin McLaughlin (b. 1763) and Elizabeth Golding who were married in 1788 in Elphin Parish Galway. Martin McLaughlin (b.1763) & Elizabeth (MS Golding) Lawrence McLaughlin (b.1790) and wife Mary (MS Kelly b. 1797-1883 in Pittsfield, MA., USA ) Lawrence died in Mullaghmore East, Moylough, Galway, Ireland. Lawrence McLaughlin Jr.,(b. 1820 in Mullaghmore East-died in 1874 Washington, MA.) and wife Mary (MS Duffy b. 1820 in Caltra, Killosolan, Galway-d. in 1896 Mittineague, MA.) McLaughlin, Michael, Martin Jr., Thomas, John, and Patrick(b.1807 in Newtown Bellew, Galway- Died in1875 in North Madison, Indiana ) Golding, Elizabeth same as Elizabeth McLaughlin listed above Kelly, Thomas and wife Mary(b.1797 MS Quin) Quin, Mary same as Mary Kelly listed above. Quin, Andy, Simon & Andy Jr. Duffy, Hugh and wife Margaret. Duffy, Mary same as Mary McLaughlin listed above. More about my McLaughlins  Juliet McGowan

McLaughlin  Barbara Hettwer


McHugh, Hession

McNiven Stewart McNiven first appeared in Morvern, Argyllshire (where there are a few McNivens) when he married Harriet Livingstone.  They lived in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull until Harriet died in late 1881.  He was mentioned in the 1881 census which said he was born in Tuam.  After that I lost Stewart I have not been able to find where he died.  His children lived at Tobermory and also at Oban in Argyllshire. 

Stewart McNiven, b. c1810 in Tuam, Galway, Ireland.  He married Harriet (Maria/Marie) Livingston, married 23. 4.1839 in Morvern, b. c1814 in Morvern, (daughter of Archibald Livingston and Cirsty MacIntyre) d. 17.5.1881 in Tobermory.  Stewart died Pre 1891.

I. Duncan McNiven, b. 1840 in Tobermory.

II. Sally McNiven, b. c1842 in Tobermory. She married Unknown McKinnon.

III.Christy (Christina) McNiven, b. 8.12.1844 in Tobermory. She married John Brown, married 13.12.1872 in   Milton, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, b. in Argyllshire.

IV. Jane (Jean) McNIVEN, b. c1846 in Tobermory.

V.  Ann McNiven, b. c1849 in Tobermory. She married John McKay, married 05. 1.1872 in Free C of Scotland, 253 Gt Western Rd, b. c1848 in Kilbrandon, Argyllshire, Scotland, (son of Archibald McKay and Susan (Susanna) McPherson.

VI. Eliza McNiven, b. c1851 in Tobermory.

VII. Mary McNiven, b. c1854 in Tobermory.

VIII .Archibald McNiven, b. 07. 5.1859 in Tobermory. He married Mary UNKNOWN, married Aft 1881, b. c1857  Marilyn Mackay

McWalter see also Qualter I am researching the family of my uncle, Arthur McWalter who was born in Lancashire, England in 1911 - he is now a grand old man with a multitude of great grandchildren.
His own Grandfather was Maurice McWalter, who appears on the 1871 UK Census of England, which gives his place of birth as Galway, Ireland at about 1831 - he also appears on the 1861 census as "Morris Qualter" living in the same area, which gives the same place of birth, i.e .Ireland, Galway, however there is a discrepancy in his age which calculates his year of birth as 1835 - so he was born between 1831 and 1835!
Maurice married Ann Brown in 1862 in Tyldesley, Lancashire, England. His marriage certificate names his father as Thomas McWalter and gives his occupation as a farmer. It does not state the origin of his father but it must have been Galway.

From the Griffiths Valuation for Galway conducted in 1855 I have located only the following McWalters:
   Martin McWalter                    Oakwood North           Abbeyknockmoy  
   Patrick McWalter                    Oakwood North           Abbeyknockmoy  
   Walter McWalter 1                   Oakwood North           Abbeyknockmoy  
   Walter McWalter 2                   Oakwood North           Abbeyknockmoy  
   Maurice McWalter 1                  Conagher                            Dunmore  
   Maurice McWalter 2                  Kilcloony                           Liskeevy  
   David McWalter 1                    Lissavelly (Vesey)                  Tuam  
   David McWalter 2                    Tullybeg South                      Tuam

It therefore seems that the family of the McWalters that I am tracing originate from Tuam, or the surrounding area. Is there anyone in the locality that may be able to provide me with any history of the McWalter family that lived, or maybe still lives, in the area? Bill Belshaw

Miland see Cullotty

Mitchell, D'Arcy  MITCHELL, Tuam or Clifden areas in County Galway, Tuam from approximately 1860 or earlier to 1865. Clifden area from 1865 to 1882, (Allen MITCHELL married to Jane D'Arcy in St. Mary's Cathedral 1860. Allen's father's name William, mother's name possibly Mary, Jane's father named Michael D'ARCY. Had a total of 8 children. Thomas William MITCHELL, born on March 28 1861 in the District of Tuam. Mary Jane MITCHELL, born January 3, 1863 in the District of Tuam. Allen MITCHELL, born February 21, 1865 in Daly Hill near Ballyconneely, died young and is presumed buried in Ireland. Sarah Jane MITCHELL, born September 4, 1867 at Daily Hill. Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell, born in Derrygimlagh (between Ballyconneely and Clifden) on February 22, 1870. John Allen MITCHELL, known as Jack, was born in Derrygimlagh, on November 10, 1872. Richard Henry MITCHELL, called Dick, was born October 23, 1875 in Derrygimlagh. Lucy Rose MITCHELL, born in 1879, specific location in Ireland unknown. Tom apparently went to Australia, the remaining Mitchell's immigrated to Ontario Canada around 1882. Looking for information on any of the above MITCHELL's.), Peter Mitchell

Mooney, Martin, Tierney You can read what I have found out so far about my Tuam roots on my website.  

The Mooneys arrived in Australia as Assisted Immigrants. That is, someone paid for them to come out. In most cases, when someone had their fare paid for, they entered into an agreement to work for that person for a set period. In the case of the Mooneys, family members who were already out here paid for their fare.

The NSW State Records (Archives) has the passenger lists for most of the ships that arrived with Assisted Immigrants. Their website has a facility that you can look at their online databases, one of which is Assisted Immigrants. However, this database does not provide place of origin details, you have to go to the Archives or have someone look at it for you. 

I am also interested in Martins, but do not know for sure if they were in Tuam or not, just that they were in Galway. Anne Martin married John Mooney about 1835 in Tuam. I don't know what Anne's parents names were. Family history has it that the Martins were land owners and they educated Patrick and Thomas Francis Mooney (children of John and Anne). John Mooney and his brother Patrick were tenant farmers for James Herd of Tuam. Family legend also has it that Anne Martin was related to Richard Martin, who was a Member of Parliament in England. Richard Martin owned Ballynahinch a stately castle manor near Recess. He established the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Thomas Francis Mooney's obituary states that he was a nephew of Richard Martin, however I have not found any sisters by the name of Anne for Richard Martin. Anne may have been his niece, however I am still looking into this.

Another name I am researching in Galway is Tierney, but once again, I do not know if they were in Tuam. Sarah Jane Tierney arrived about 1877 from Ireland. Her death certificate says that she was born in Galway, I have not yet found the ship she came on, as it appears that she was not an Assisted Immigrant. She married Patrick Mooney in July 1877, the marriage certificate just gives her place of birth as Ireland.

On another page of my site, I have created a page "Ships We Arrived On". It has all of my ancestors who came out.
Penny in Canberra, Australia

Morris, Lynch The notice below was in The Connaught Journal, Galway, Ireland, Thursday, December 18, 1823, (posted on by Cathy Joynt Labath)

On the 13th instant, by special license, in the Metropolitan Church of Tuam, by the Rev. L. Potter, Mr. Bartholomew O'Shaughnessy, of this Town, to Deborah Morris, daughter of the late J. Morris, of Spiddle, Esq.

I am interested in Deborah Morris. She was the daughter of James Morris, Esq. (1732 9 Dec 1813) and Deborah Lynch (died 16 Nov 1820), both of Galway, who had a summer estate in Spiddal, Co. Galway.
Margaret LaCombe

Morrow I started searching my father's MORROW roots about two years ago. Have "met" several cousins on line, and we've all gotten to about the same place in our research. We have identified 3 brothers: James, William, Thomas, plus sister Margaret and mystery sister. All were born between 1810 and 1820. James, William, Thomas and Margaret came to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada approximately 1830. Mystery sister ended up in Boston. No information regarding their parents, but obituaries all mention Tuam, Galway. All seem to have been Protestant. Would love to share information with anyone else researching Morrow family. Marilyn Morrow

Murdock, Murdoch I have:
James Murdock-h
Born about 1780 in Diocese of Tuam, Connaught Province, Ireland
Died: Killed in Rodrigo, Spain November 1809 the 42nd at Foot-The Black Watch aged about 29.
Married: 1806 Tuam, Connaught, Ireland
Wife: Mary Tully Born about: 1785 Tuam, Connaught, Ireland
Nothing more know of James and Mary.

Two known children:
1. James Murdoch
Born: About April 22, 1808 in Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Died: August 21, 1898 in Muckleford, Victoria, Australia
Married: ? to  Sarah Campbell, born: about 1814 Antrim, Ireland
Died: March 9, 1895 Muckleford, Victoria, Australia
Parents" Hugh Campbell Yeoman, Antrim, Nth Ireland & Ellen Mullin.

2. Margaret Murdoch
Born: February 24, 1807 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Nothing more known of Margaret.

Children of James Murdoch and Sarah Campbell.

1. Betty Murdoch - Nothing more known
2. William John Murdoch - Nothing more Known
3. Campbell Murdoch born: 1840 Derry, Ireland, Died: November 26, 1898 Muckleford, Victoria, Australia
4. Ellen Jane Murdoch Born December 17, 1841 Portglenone, Antrim, Ireland, Died: 1928 Victoria, Australia
5. Smith Alexander Murdoch Born: 1844 Belfast, Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
Died: January 12, 1905 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

6. James Campbell Murdoch born about November , 1846 Kilrea, Londonderry, Ireland
Died: August 20, 1927 Riddle, Victoria, Australia
7. Kennedy Murdoch Born about April 6, 1849 Kilrea, Londonderry, Ireland, Died 1916 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Note: On Australian records the surname is spelt with a K then changed to a H. James Murdoch born about 1780 was spelt with an H.

Murray, Conry I am searching for my great great Grandparents Patrick Murray and Margaret Conry in the vicinity of Dunmore and neighbouring townlands possibly on the Galway/Mayo border.
Patrick Murray was born about 1839 and Margaret Conry about 1837, dates based on the 1901 Irish Census for Dunmore.
I cannot find a civil or parish marriage entry for this couple, I resorted to the Galway family history society for help, at a cost of course!! but no luck, maybe they got married in Co. Mayo or elsewhere and the Parish Priest failed to register the marriage!
They had one child at a late age, John Murray, my Great-Grandfather born in Dunmore on 4th June 1880 and baptised on the 24th June, the sponsors were recorded as Honor and John Bodkin.
On the 1901 census there is a Family of Bodkins next door, so I assume they were good friends or possibly related. Margaret Conry would have been 43 and Patrick Murray 41 when their son John was born. Maybe they married late, or this was a second marriage or maybe they had many miscarriages or stillbirths, who knows!
They are found on the 1901 Irish census in Abbeylands South, Dunmore town (now called Barrack St) they operated a Lodging house, and the neighbours were Howleys, Bodkins and Donlons.

According to oral knowledge John Murray was referred to as Lordie Murray in Dunmore Town due to his only son status and the attention he received from his mother.

John Murray married Mary Brennan from Tuam, daughter of Patrick Brennan and Mary Ward on 9th October 1903, the sponsors were Margaret Murray from Glen, (Glen is a townland nearby) and James Donellan.

Margaret Conry Murray and Patrick Murray are not recorded on the 1911 census so I assume they had passed on.
John Murray and Mary Brennan continued to operate the Lodging house in Dunmore Town and the neighbours Howleys and Bodkins operated a very successful egg export business which I believe were transported to Dublin for sale. The above might jog a researchers memory
. Ann

Murphy, Cullinan While I have quite a bit of information on my Murphy family in North America the only connection that I have been able to find in Tuam is a document from West Galway Historical Society stating that my g-g-grandfather, Timothy Murphy married Catherine Cullinan in Tuam in 1820.  They settled in Galway, and may have had many children but my great-grandfather, John, is the only one known to me since the births were not recorded until 1835. John was born in Annaghdown, Galway about 1834. He joined the British Army in Dublin in 1852 and eventually settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   Frances

Murphy I live in South Australia, and my grandmother was Margaret Murphy, who migrated from Tuam in about 1880. Her father was called John. I know her history from the 1880's on, but not before. She must have been born about 1860. I can find no reference to her arrival in South Australia in South Australian records. I am trying to locate Margaret's birth, or family. Carmel Burns


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