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D'Arcy see Mitchell

Daly, Tierney, McKnight I am interested in three surnames, Tierney, Daly and McKnight. In the records we have found so far Daly is also spelled Delly and Tierney as Tairney, Tairnay and even Tarney. I do not know of a specific Tuam connection but one is possible and I am at this point looking at everything and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has an idea or suggestion or who is related in some way.  These are people we have found in the Ayrshire census, who are supposed to have been born in Ireland, but whom we have not been able to find in Ireland yet so far.

Bernard Tierney was born in 1796 or 1794. He gave his place of birth as Castleblaney but a really thorough search online and a couple of visits there have failed to turn up a record of him. I suspect that he may have been born there, perhaps to parents already on the move from elsewhere (Tuam?), and his birth registered elsewhere still. He was in Ayr by the very early 1820's as parish records show he had a child baptized there; therefore it was not the potato famine that drove him from Ireland. What it was, we do not know.

His first wife (my ancestor) was Bridget/Brigit Daly/Delly and she may possibly have been from Ulster... there are indications that they were married there. They were Catholics, by the way. I did talk to one man who was researching  Dalys who said his people were from the Shirley estate but he was just getting started and had no specific information.

John McKnight gave his place of birth as "Ireland." We know of him through his daughter's marriage records (in a Protestant church although she married a Cairns). He is said to have been a
sergeant in the RHA. He was definitely in Bengal at the time of the Indian Mutiny, as he married Margaret Hassard there. We do not have his place or date of birth, and the regimental historian has been unable to locate his military record without them. We speculate that he was planter stock but this is based solely on the denomination of that church.

I would love to hear from anyone with suggestions, ideas or family history :)
Dana Tierney


I am trying to trace my grand uncles family who lived in Tullynadaly Rd Tuam in the 1920s to, as far as i know, 1952 when he died.

His name was Jack Daly and he worked as a signalman on the railway, He originally came from Co Westmeath and married Elizabeth Lipton daughter of Edward Lipton and Kate Hynes? from Tullynadaly Rd. She was born 16/09/1892. He died 25/05/1952. They had 6 children: Edward b. 27/11/1920, Anne b. 29/01/1923, Mary b.19/11/1924, John b. 9/12/1926, Patrick b. 25/02/1929 and Jarlath b. 27/10/1931  If you can help then please email me. Thank you. Noel Daly, Dromahair, Co Leitrim

Daley - see Concannon

Diviney, Tierney This is my first attempt to find information on my maiden name, Diviney. My grandfather was Patrick Diviney, but the spelling varies depending on where I look. It's been spelled Diviny, Devanney and Devany.
All I really know is that he MAY have come from Galway, as did my grandmother, Catherine Tierney( possibly Headford). He was born 3/12/1863. His parents were Thomas Diviney (if it was spelled that way) and Sarah Curran.

My grandmother, Catherine Tierney Diviney (or is it Devilly!) had a brother, Peter Tierney, who went back to Ireland when he retired from Heinz Co. in the States.  My father had to contact him about a small inheritance and was told to mail it to Peter in Headford, Co. Galway, so I thought that may have been where all the Tierneys came from

If these names ever come up in anyone's information, I would really appreciate knowing about it. Thanks. Terry Diviney Bora Clawson, MI

Dolan, Eagan (Egan), Murray, Ward I too have relatives that originated from Galway and believe they may have come from Tuam.
I am tracing Thomas Ward, Ann Murray (I believe came from Cork), Patrick Eagan and Anne Dolan. All arrived approximately 1840-45.
Thomas married Ann Murray 1847 and lived in New York City (Manhattan) until 1850 then relocated to Marcellus, NY.  

I am located in Atlanta, Georgia (US). Rob Ward

Donlon, Donellan, O'Neill Hi, Family history I have so far:
Peter Donlon/Donellan born in Tuam in 1852, 
Father- Martin
Mother- first name unknown
Sisters- Mary, plus others
Came to US in 1875, married Mary Ann O'Neill in Newburyport, MA.

Mary Ann O'Neill born in Tuam in 1852
Father- Patrick, Mother-Mary Fahy, she worked in the Catholic Church in Tuam
Sisters-Bridget and Julia
Came to US in 1873, married Peter Donlon
Patrick O'Neill leased land in Carrowbaun and Ahgloragh 
 Marlene Wise

Doorey/Doory My paternal grandmother, her name was Doorey/Doory, was born in Ballintava, Dunmore Parish, Co. Galway, and emigrated to the U.S.A. about 1896. I've recently learned that the location, (of her birth in Dunmore), was under the juristiction of the Catholic Diocese of "Tuam". Her 2 brothers also emigrated to the U.S., (to Baltimore, Md.). The 1910 Census for Philadelphia, has the 2 brothers and a cousin, residing at my grandparents home. Lew in Colorado

Dowling, Qualter My great great granduncle Dick Dowling came from Knock (Milltown) seven miles northeast of Tuam. His parents, married in 1835, were Patrick Dowling and Bridget Qualter (from Tuam). Dick Dowling was born in 1837, baptized in the Parish of Dunmore. He emigrated during the famine (1846) to New Orleans and settled in Houston, Texas in 1857. He distinguished himself in the American Civil War and is a hero in Texas. There is a prominent statue of him in Houston which was dedicated on March 17, 1905. In 1998 a bronze plaque commemorating  Dick Dowling was unveiled on the Market Hall in the Tuam town center. I am writing a book about Dick Dowling and visit Tuam and Galway annually.    Ann Caraway Ivins

Duffy see Creahan

Dwyer, Edington I am researching the names Edington and Dwyer. 
My great grandmother Margaret Edington married Joseph Dwyer. He was in the 89th British Regiment and moved around a lot. I don't know when they married. Family oral history says she was from Galway. One granddaughter had the second name of Loughrea. 
Margaret's father was John Edington and his father I think was William. 
Found in the Connaught Journal for Apr.1, 1840 a convert christening of John Edington. Says he was the son of the late Wm. Edington, sexton of the parish church in Loughrea. Obviously this family did not have a Catholic background. What is the name of the parish church in Loughrea? 
I can't find anything on Dwyers in Tipperary except that my grandfather John Dwyer was born in Thurles in 1853.
Catherine Polci



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