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Canavan My ancestors came from Tuam and immigrated to America in the 1870ís. My GG Grandfather, James Canavan was a world-class foot runner who competed all over. He came to Denver and was a pioneer member of the Denver Volunteer Fire Department. He was a tailor by trade and went into the business in the famous mining town of Leadville. He then came to Ouray in 1889 Ė the present home of the family. I have tried to find out as much as possible about the family in Tuam and his father, Michael, is listed on the Griffithís Valuation page that I will send. I have been to Tuam 3 separate times and have enjoyed each visit. Itís a busy little town.  Michael Canavan, Ouray, Colorado

Carey see Creahan

Carrick see also Kelly, Higgins: Catherine Higgins (b 1838) m Thomas Carrick (b 1838) Catherine Carrick and her husband Thomas Carrick immigrated to Australia in 1880 after living in Macclesfield and Manchester since 1861 (this is the first census date I could find them in the UK) to 1880.   They arrived in Sydney in 1880 and on the immigration papers the relations in the colony were noted as her sister Ann Kelly, in Balmain.(see Kellys of Tullinadaly Road)     Prue Greene

Carroll, Lambert, Stubbs, and Tubbs Carroll of Athenry and Dublin, Lambert of Castle Ellen, Athenry and Fortick's Grove, Dublin, Stubbs of Athenry, Tubbs of Athenry Glen Lambert

Caufield Sheila

Concannon, Cunningham, Daley, Riley, Ryan I don't know how many relatives I have left in Tuam.  My great grandmother left there around 1900.  Three of her sisters and one of her brothers joined her after a few years.  They settled near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We know she went back for a visit once.  The family was still there.   My great grandmother wrote a little "history" for each of her grandchildren (my mother being one of them). On her side, there are Rileys, Daleys, Ryans and Concannons.

John Daley married Mary Riley.  They had 3 children -- Catherine, Patrick and Margaret.  Margaret was my great great great grandmother and married James Ryan.  They  had one child, Mary Julia Ryan.

On the Concannon side -- Mary Julia Ryan married Thomas Concannon (would have been my great great grandparents).  They had 11 children -- Honoria Mary Concannon Burkhardt, Margaret Concannon (who was my great grandmother), Maryann, Katie, Michael, Bea, James, Ellie, Joseph, Ellen, Tommy.  All were born in the house in (Connaumagur -- looks like to me) Dunmore, Tuam, Galway, Ireland.  They were the seventh generation to be born in that house.

Thomas Concannon's parents were Michael Concannon and Honoria Cunningham.  They had 6 children (Thomas was the sixth). 

My great great great grandfather James Ryan had a shoe shop. (She goes on to say he was considered the best shoemaker in town).    She said "He was a wonderful man.  He wore a high silk hat, a swallow tail coat and he had red whiskers.  He was a wonderful man and liked by all."

It ends there.  I do know Honoria (Annie), Margaret, Bea, Kate and Joseph went to live in Braddock, PA (outside of Pittsburgh).  Margaret supposedly worked as a maid in a hotel and married Thomas Murphy.  Annie and Bea married Burkhart brothers and worked in a wire mill.  I think the brother was a police officer.  He always lived with Bea and never married.  Kate married someone named Ford.  Margaret and Annie moved to Allentown when Uncle Phil transferred to the wire mill here.  Margaret married James McIlhaney in her later years. 

I was in contact one time a few months ago with Aunt Bea's grandson.  He told me to e-mail him and I never heard from him again (Ray Burkhardt). 

I don't know how they all came over here.  I have checked ships' lists and the Ellis Island site, but cannot find how they got here.

I can tell you Margaret was born in l878, but don't know the dates before that.  Margaret was alive until I was 21 (1971).  We don't know when her dad died, but my mom thinks her mom was still living in the l930's.  My mom is still living and can answer a few questions. 

James supposedly settled in England. Nanci in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Colleran (McDermotts, Gannons) Cravens (Silkes, Hessians) My father's grandparents all ended up in Portland Maine, after starting from different place in County Galway, though both points of origin are in the Diocese of Tuam.
As to the city, I don't think any of them lived there as far back as I can trace, and I'm stopped by the usual blank wall when the church records are missing from before the 1830's.
I have Collerans (McDermotts, Gannons) on the maternal side and Cravens (Silkes, Hessians) on the paternal side. The Collerans came from the O'Flaherty estate between Headford and Tuam, and the Cravens from the townland of Aucloggeen east of Annaghdown but in that parish 
  Steve Delaney

Connelly, Donelan, Kelly, Treacy I'm in the process of researching my family from Tuam.  I know that one part of the family is specifically from Ryehill.  (In fact some are still there)   I thought I would throw out some surnames names to you and see if you had any connections.Treacy, Donelan, Connelly, Kelly (which as I have quickly found out is very common).  For later generations I have some married names of cousins (including a Bredin which could easily be Brennan since I'm finding the information I have is a little off), but the names above represent my direct lineage.   Karen Tracey

Connolly This is what I have so far: Patrick Connolly: born about 1840 - Farmer who was the father of:
Martin Connolly: b. 1870, Tuam, County Galway. Moved to  Middlesborough, England - before 1893. Married in Middlesborough on April 27, 1893 to Catherine Costigan (b. 1872-1877, Durham, England). Martin died Jan 13, 1933 in Middlesborough. Catherine died March 26,1945 in Middlesborough. (Her parents (Michael Costigan & Ann Dolan) were from Ireland, but I don't know from what part. All of their children were born in England.) Martin was a blast furnace man and an ironworks labourer.

Martin & Catherine had 12 children: Daisy, Hilda, John, Martin, Cecilia Ann, Lily, Norah, Ada, James, Winnifred, Eddie, and Michael. Megan Smith

Conry see  Murray

Corliss, Flaherty I do not have a definite connection to Tuam, only a suspected one. The 7 men in my Corliss/Flaherty family were stone masons, and already knew their trade before emigrating. The youngest ones were born in Barnaderg. They all emigrated (10 children + mother) to Cincinnati, Ohio, singly or in pairs beginning about 1869 to 1875, except for the father. His name was Patrick Flaherty and he died in County Galway. He was married to Catharine Corliss, who came last with the youngest as a widow. Patrick had a sister in Ireland named Biddy Flanagan. Denise Cozart, Dec. 2005,  Denize Cozart

Cosgrove, King Ellen Cosgrove, born Killererin nr Tuam, daughter of Thomas Cosgrove. She married Patrick King some time prior to 1839 (possibly c 1835). Son Thomas born near Barbersfort in 1839, and migrated to Australia in 1860's in search of gold and was a friend of Denis McGrath from he same area.  Audrey King in Australia

Cosgrove, Roche: Looking for information on Pat Cosgrove from Belmont, who was married to Ellen Roche in 1864. They resided in Belmont also. Their daughter Ellen married John Walsh of Belmont (see Walsh) Also looking for Mongan, McGrath, Ruane and Connelly families from surrounding area. John Fischer, Syosset, NY

Costello Desperate to find any information on my obviously very clever great great grandfather John Costelloe (Costello, Costelo,) however you choose to spell it.  He was in 1852 a Customs Officer according to my Grandmother's wedding certificate of which I have a copy.  I have been to PRO in Kew, London, UK and found records of a  John Costello who was a Customs officer, born in Tuam, 1829.  Of course I have not records of his birth, his marriage (was there one????) anything at all about him.  In the records that I found at PRO was a letter from this John Costello's mother a Celia Costello who stated that her son was the youngest son (so presumably there was more than one) and that he was born around 1829.  It was signed by the local priest of the area. 

My Great Grandmother Costello was apparently born on a boat between Ireland and England (the mother died in child birth) and was according to the 1881 census born in Birmingham. I was doubtful about that as she went to a convent in Dublin. However, according to 1851 census there were a lot of Costello family in Birmingham area so if the mother died obviously the father (John) would need to have someone help him bring up my great grandmother and if the family of Costello in Birmingham were related then I presume that he got them to bring her up, hence why she put down as being born in Birmingham on the 1881 census. Of course this is all just thinking things out - I have no proof at all, except that my aunt is still alive and lives in Queensland here in Australia and I do know that Great Grandmother Costello definitely went to a convent in Dublin as she told my aunt that it was the nun's there that taught her to crochet and embroider. She taught my aunt to crochet and used to live with them when she was old. Jen Curran

Costello Bridget Mackin nee Costello She married while still in Ireland, although I don't know if they lived in Tuam, or across the border into Co. Mayo in Kilmaine (or somewhere in between). The two towns are only about 16 miles apart, as best I can tell.

I'm about to publish a 300-page family reunion cookbook and family history and have an updated story for Bridget. I'll try to get the new Website done soon, but that will probably still be a couple months. For now, I hope the old one still works. Rita Mackin Fox

Coughlin, Hopkins Hello , I'm new at this. I'm in Australia so unable to visit Tuam although I do have some photos of the town. I'm looking for information on Coughlin - Patrick and Ellen (or Ellenor) nee Hopkins. The info I do have says they married in 1841 in Tuam. He was born 1816 and she 1818. They must have emigrated c1841 as their eldest son Thomas was born either at sea or in the emigrants' Centre Sydney Australia.
Hoping someone can help. Best wishes
Roslyn Phillips

Craven, Crowe, Greaney, Monahan,  Mongan, Newell, Reaney, Steed These are the surnames that I have been researching  from the Tuam area. My grandparents emigrated from Ardrumkilla, Belclare, Co. Galway and settled in Portland, Maine, USA. John Patrick Craven

Creahan, Duffy, Carey I am looking for information on the above listed families who lived in the Abbert/Monivea area before the 1850ís.  Martin Creahan was born in Abbert around 1840.  He had a brother, John, and sisters, Sarah and Julia.  Their father, John Creahan, was born around 1815.  John married Julia Duffy in the area, sometime between 1834 and 1839.  Martin married Mary Carey in the United States.  She was born in the Parish of Monivea around 1845.  She had at least two brothers, Stephen and Patrick.  I believe that their fatherís name was Patrick. Thank you very much for your help. Mark West, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  USA (April 2011

Fenerty My great grandmother was born in Tuam in 1845 . We have seen her maiden name on documents and her own children's baptisms spelled Cullian, Cullinan, Gullinan and Cullinane. In any event, it seems that Cullinan is the most popular of the options. She married John Patrick Fenerty (Finnerty) of Bellina, Co Mayo and they settled in Victoria BC Canada in about 1866.

Little is known about Hannah but she bore eight children before she died at age 38. We know she was Catholic. She apparently could read as I have seen her signature on documents relating to the 
Finnerty estate and on a death certificate for a child who died at age five. On this document there is an ambiguous question about mothers name and mother's maiden name on which I believe Hannah has 
given her mother's maiden name as Lamer or Larner. This name appears in connection with a Cullinan on your site. I would like to learn more, particularly where she and John Fenerty (Finnerty) were married 
but the connections are so ethereal as to be almost non existent. Once they settled in Victoria, it is easy to follow their tracks. Both are interred in Victoria's Ross Bay Cemetery.

In the home of her youngest son, which I visited as a child, there was a spinning wheel which I believe was Hannah's. I remember being forbidden to even so much as get near it. 
If you Google Erika Gent University of Victoria you will see a picture of the unveiling of a plaque honouring Hannah and John Finnerty which is set in Finnerty gardens. Best regards, and I will be sure to visit your site again. David Pollock

Cullotty Any info on the above would be appreciated. My father is Noel Cullotty. He was born in 1936 in Tuam along with his many siblings from 1922-1950 approx. They lived in Tuam (maybe Jarlath Road) mother Lizzie and father Dennis aka  Christy. They came to England in the late 1950's. Miland is Lizzie's maiden name and she may have married in Tuam.  Parents Thomas and Anne. Catherine

Cummins, Gleason, Gleeson I only know that my grandmother was born in Menus, Dunmore, near Tuam, in County Galway in 1876. She was the youngest of 9 children born to Mark Cummins and Bridget Gleason. They were very poor. As a child I remember her talking about the hedge schools, her brothers getting in trouble with local authorities. She followed her older brothers to Durango, Colorado, joined the Sisters of Mercy in Cripple Creek, Colorado about 1895. She was later moved to the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Downtown Denver, Colorado. When helping nurse a brother badly injured in a railroad accident in Durango, she developed a bleeding ulcer. The mother superior of her order decided she was too fragile to survive the rigors of religious life and prevented her from taking her final vows to become a nun. Disappointed and sad, she went home to Ireland and tried to enter a convent in Galway. They would not take her. 

So after attending the 1907 Worlds Fair in Dublin, she came back to America and settled as a seamstress for wealthy families in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and later in Denver. She knew Molly Brown and other wealthy Denver families. She did very delicate fine seamstress work that was popular around the turn of the century. In 1908 she married my grandfather, John Harrington, a gardener and maintenance man for the same families. He was from Eskafleenia, County Cork, near Glen Garriff. They had 5 children, 4 survived to adulthood. 

The older brothers came to Canada to work in the lumber business before 1880, but they did not like the ethics of their employers, so joined the railroad building gangs, eventually helping build the narrow gauge railroad over Wolf Creek Pass from Silverton to Durango in 1882. They liked Durango and settled there. Other brothers and my grandmother came to join them. They were stone masons and many stone buildings in Durango and the Fair Grounds were built with their talent. There is a wonderful story about the brothers. The Klu Klux Klan was making inroads into Southern Colorado in the early 1900's. A very respected man died and they were holding his funeral and it was going to be a very large well attended affair. So one of the brothers set up a burning cross the morning of the funeral, and it made all the local citizens incensed that the KKK would do such a disrespectful thing to this man's memory. The KKK could not get much following in that part of Southern Colorado.

The story goes on, but for the Galway connection, I am really interested in finding out more about Mark Cummins and Bridget Gleason. Sheila (living in Florida but raised in Colorado)

 Cunniffe, Hopkins, Kenny My interests lie within the Dunmore area and they are that of my grandmothers family from Carrowpaden. Christine and Paul Welch, Birmingham, England

Curley, McCurley 1. Huge/Hugh Curley b. 1794 Tuam, Ireland married Bridget (Unknown maiden name) b. 1802 Tuam area. 2. Thomas Curley b. 1827 in Ireland. 

Sometime after the birth of Thomas, I suspect about 1830-1831 but not sure, they came to Canada. Thomas married Susanna Everson, daughter of Richard Everson, in Canada. Thomas and Susanna had their first child in Canada,
Huge Curley II, b. 3-17-1851. They went on to have many other children. Eventually Thomas and Susanna ended up in Michigan. 
Some of Thomas and Susanna's sons had a lumber mill in Michigan. Both Thomas and his father ,Huge were stonemasons. 
The last proof I have of Huge and Bridget is them living in Chinquacousy Twsp. in Ontario, Canada in 1851 with Thomas and Susanna. They also had a 10 year old boy by the name of Francis Matdam living with them. We have no idea who this boy is.

I ran into another Curley researcher who was from a different branch of the family and her family also was told that Huge and Bridget came from Tuam. I have not been able to document anything in Ireland yet.  I am in Monroe Co., MI.
Debbie Bert


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