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Allen I have John Allen born c 1798 SLI m. Catherine Victoria Kennedy c1829. Catherine was buried 20 June 1848 at St Mary's Church of Ireland with a slab headstone in the churchyard. Their last child Jane was buried there in May 1849. John became a member of the Constabulary in 1831. Seven of their children were born in Tuam and one at Castle Hackett. Two earlier births took place in Swinford , County Mayo. All of John and Catherine's children emigrated to Australia between 1845 and 1862. John was the last to emigrate with the youngest four in 1862.Marjorie

Bayley I am looking for my great grandmother, Ann Bayley, whom we think may have come to England from Tuam in the mid-19th century. Hope someone out there can help. Thelma

Blade My wife Kathleen is a Blade from the Tuam area. They were mainly from the Abbeyknockmoy area. David Taylor

Bodkin, Heaney, Keavney, Kelly, McLoughlin,  O'Brennan. I am related to Martin A. O'Brennan (editor of Tuam Herald & Connaught Patriot in 1860's).  Barbara Hettwer

Bodkin, McDonogh So you can get a proper picture of me I had better start at the beginning. Last year I glanced through the  Bodkin board of Ancestry Com. I saw one letter from a lady who mentioned the number of different and unrelated Bodkin Families around Tuam in the 19th. century. As my late mother's grandfather, Dr. Frank McDonogh P.C.of Wilmont House Portumna married Kate Bodkin, oldest daughter of Dr. Thomas Bodkin of Eastland House Tuam, on the 19th. March 1865 I decided to throw my six pence worth in. 

I have a photograph of my maternal grand parents wedding in 1904. Among the guests was Mathias McDonnell Bodkin author, M.P. ,circuit court judge and uncle of the groom. A younger step sister of the bride named Amy Ffrench Lynch later married a Henry Gordon and lived in Kikclooney House which was originally built by a John J. Bodkin M.P. It continued that the Bride & Groom lived in Headford castle until it was destroyed by fire in 1906.

Under the newspaper article in the Tuam Herald, describing the fire, was another story of a John Bodkin of Tullinadaly who was home on holidays from San Francisco after an absence of 39 years. I concluded with the remark that there was enough information there to keep some researchers happy for years. This John Bodkin was Barbara Hettwer's great grand father. 

Also in the picture was a young gentleman of about 12 or 13, a step brother of the bride named Henry Ffrench Lynch of Rockwell House  (formerly Tubberoe House)  Kilclooney, who in later life married an English lady named Sheila Cronk  who was in some way connected to the Clorans of Tuam. They had one son named Cecil who is now  aged about 70 I would say. Henry Ffrench Lynch died while still a young man and my late mother's older brother Frank McDonogh married his widow. Frank was extremely well known in farming and show jumping circles around Tuam. He was a founder member of Tuam livestock mart.

Also in the picture was the Bride's aunt a Mrs. M. Hoade of Cahernaheenagh which is between Headford and Tuam. The Hoades were an extremely big and well known family.   Leo Ryan

Brady, Cullen, Cullenane, Cullinan, Mannion Karen

Brahany, Brehony, Brahney   I am researching the surnames Brahany and Brahney. Owen BRAHANY, born June 1817 in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. Owen died 01 March 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Newman. He married Bridget Murphy, born about 1821 in Ireland. Their children were: Margaret, Martin and James Wesley. Martin BRAHANY was born Nov 1854 in Cleveland, Ohio; died 12 Jan 1911 in New London, Ohio. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lacey, born about 1859 in Cleveland, Ohio. Martin's children with Elizabeth were John BRAHNEY, James Andrew BRAHNEY, Owen Gregory BRAHNEY, Margaret Gertrude "Bessie" BRAHNEY, William BRAHNEY and Mary "Dot" BRAHNEY. (notice the name has been changed to BRAHNEY for all Martin's children)
Owen Gregory BRAHNEY, Martin BRAHANY's son, was born 5 Oct 1881 in Wellington, Ohio. He married Ida Gertrude Hubbard, born 26 May 1879 in Ruggles, Ohio. Their children were: Gertrude Loretta, Edmund Paul and Edward "Ted" James BRAHNEY (my father). I would appreciate any inquiries or information. I will share any information I have.
Bill Brahney

Brennan I am researching my Brennan line and have unable to find their town of origin. I have Thaddeus Brennan who married Bridget Canny in the town of Cloondergan in Dunmore. But that was her parish and they had no record of the Brennans so I'm assuming he was from a nearby town. Some names associated with them were Ronan/Ronayne and Mullarkey  Maryanne

Brennan My name is Thamer Brennan, I am trying to trace the ancestors of my father Michael Brennan born in 1942. I have a copy of his birth
certificate which states his mother's name as Kate Brennan and a grandmother's name of Mary Brennan. It seems from the birth certificate that Kate Brennan died in childbirth. The birth of my father was registered in Tuam, County Galway and I know that he was placed in a childrenís home soon after birth and was then
fostered by a family by the name of Gildee who brought him up in the village of Clonbur. This is all the information that I have.  Regards Thamer Brennan (Feb 2008)

Brennan, Greaney, Kelly, Burke We are searching for the family of Mary Greaney (Greany) who married Michael Brennan on 29th July 1895. Her fatherís name was Michael Greaney. We are searching for her motherís maiden name Ė it may be Mary Kelly or Mary Burke. She had a sister Bridget who was born in 1872 and emigrated to USA, she also had a sister Nell who died in her 20s. We have reason to believe they were from Tuam at some point. Mary died in Claremorris in September 1957. Iíd be grateful for any help. Regards Marie Brennan

Brennan I am Jackie Davis of Portland, Maine USA. My husband's late father, John Davis, was Godfather to all 13 of the Brennan children here in Portland,
to include our past governor, Joe Brennan. Mrs. Brennan, Joe's mother, was the eldest guest at our wedding in 1968.

John Davis, I believe, sponsored this Brennan family from Ireland, and they lived for a short time in a small house built in Patrick Davis' back yard
on Fore Street in Portland, Maine because the 3 flat-er was already full of immigrant Irish cousins. Patrick is my husband's grandfather. He came to
Maine in 1902 from Dolan, Roundstone in Galway. He married Mary E. Green also of Galway. He is related to Green, McDonagh, Burke, King, Concannon....all from
Galway in the general Clifden, Roundstone, Carna, Calla area.
Jackie & Joe Davis (March 2004)

Brennan and variants (also see O'Brennan) Clare

Brennan, Connelly and Concannon I was aware that my grandfather was born and baptised in Tuam from a baptismal certificate my aunt had obtained some years earlier. The Parish Priest was very kind in helping me with information. I was not aware of the size of the Brannan family until that moment. We had lost contact as my grandparents had died leaving my father and his sisters orphans at a very young age.

The details from the Cathedral records are as follows. 
James Brennan married Honour Concannon 10 Sept 1836
Martin James Brennan married Catherine Connelly in Tuam 1872
Children of the marriage and birth dates include, 

Martin James Brennan November 1874

Brigid Brennan, 29 June 1877

Twin girls, Mary and Honour Brennan 25 July 1879

Michael Brennan 18 October 1880

John Thomas 19 June 1884

The baptismal sponsors for the Brennan children were Mary Concannon and Thomas Connelly. The Brennan family is related to the Connelly and the Concannon families. Itís believed the Brennanís lived in Bishop Street.

Family tradition tells us that my great grandfather and the father of the children listed above children was in the Connaught Rangers and served in India.

Martin James Brennan (born 1874) moved to Dundee Scotland in 1898 and found work in the Jute Mills. He married Jane Milligan and they had a number of children. When the First Word War broke out, Martin James Brennan joined the Black Watch regiment and served in France. During the war his wife died leaving young children. Jim then came home from the war to look after the children.

Martin James (Jim) Brannan died in Dundee Scotland around 1920, leaving at least four young children. My father Martin James Brannan born (1904) and three sisters survived. Note the surname-changed from Brennan to Brannan in Scotland.

Michael Brennan (born in Tuam) was sighted at the Brannan household in Dundee, Scotland around the time of the First World War. Michael was wearing a British army uniform. 

The Brannan children born in Scotland to Martin James Brannan (born Tuam) and Jane Milligan are: Martin (Jim) James Brannan Born 1904 (died in Australia),  John Brannan (died at birth), Nancy (Annie) Brannan (died in Australia), Kate Brannan, Sabina Brannan.

In the late 1920ís my father Jim left Scotland for Australia and was followed by two sisters.

My father Jim Brannan married Nell F Shannon. The Shannon family had been in Australia for 7O years at the time of their marriage. Nell and Jim Brannan had two son, eleven grandchildren and at last count eleven great grandchildren

If you know any of the people listed above then please write and say hello.

Martin James Brannan and John P Brannan

Brennan, Doud, Foy, McNulty What I know about my Irish families has come from word of mouth, a hint from LDS and a clue from the 1901 U.K. census. All a bit vague but I have to start somewhere.

I'm guessing that my MCNULTY family did come from Mayo, so I shall  concentrate on FOY and DOUD. John and Mary FOY and family first appeared in England on the 1881 census in Newton Heath, a district of Manchester. On this census they gave their place of birth as Manchester but on the 1891 changed it to Ireland. Only their first child, Bridget, was born in Ireland about 1872 and judging by the age of the second child they must have left Ireland shortly after her birth.

 At the time of the 1901 census John had died and Mary then gave her place
of birth as Co. Galway, so maybe she was from Tuam.

On the LDS I found a civil birth registration for a Bridget FOY born 10th. April 1872, parents John FOY and Mary DOUD.

 I have absolutely no proof that this is my family but I do remember Tuam being spoken about when I was a child.

 Any help would be appreciated Lynda Youel, Perth, West Oz.

Burke My name is James Patrick Burke and my grand father, Patrick Joseph Burke was born and baptized in the Ballingtuber Abby, His Father Edmund Burke married Mary Killeen in the Abbey, m 1864. His father was John Burke who married Cealia Jennings. The family owned land near Ballingtuber as that is listed as the residence of my ggrandfather on wedding certificate. Both men were listed as farmers on the certificate. None of the family that is doing research has been able to find any info on John and Cealia. Fr. Fahey told my aunt that we should be able to follow the tree back many generations but he wouldn't have time to do it at that time. Help! James Burke

Burke My interests center around two brothers, named Patrick & Myles Burke. They were the sons of Ulick Burke, who died around 1737, and was buried at Kilcorban churchyard, near Portumna. The first records that we found of this, was in Tuam County Wills by Phillip Crossle. These are abstracts from the Clonfert Will Book, 1711-1754, and 1721-1818, as well as Tuam Will Book, 1641-1820. I went to Dublin and found this, as well as a truly priceless manuscript called ďPedigrees Of The Earls of Clanricarde and Viscounts MayoĒ written in 1748. It took me several months, with the help of Eamonn Burke (now called Deburca) who was able to have it printed and bound into a book of over 300 pages. 

This book has the history of both clans of Burkes and Bourkes of Galway & Mayo. Unfortunately, it stops just short of the records of my Ulick and his two sons !! So, my search is to find records that may still exist to cover the period of early 1700 and onwards.

Since I know that Ulick died in 1737, and that one of his sons (Patrick) from whom I descend is well documented, having left Ireland as a young man and traveled to Jamaica to make his fortune; I am concentrating my search on Myles, who stayed in Galway, and died at Timard around 1798. If I can find any records of Ulick, such as who he married, date of birth etc, then I can tie all the huge mountain of records that I have all the way back to Charlemagne- and even further back!!

Otherwise, records of Myles, such as when born, name of both parents ( we think he mother was named Agnes Skerritt, but are not really sure) will lead us back to the same roots!!

Crossle spent a great deal of time on Burke Wills, leading me to think that he was himself connected. There is no doubt in my mind that I am descended from the Clanricarde branch, whose home was at Portumna Castle (I have been there) but I need just two generations to fill the gap.

I am also looking for Ulick Burke's son, Myles. He was buried at Timard- or
in the nearest graveyard to this township. It would probably be Kilkerrin,
or Clonberne, as it sits between both Churches. Myles died there around
1790- exact date not certain. He had two sons named Thomas & John, and
several sisters (not sure of their names). Timard is 3 miles SW of Glennamaddy, and 7 miles ESE of Dunmore.
Pat Burke

Burke My family originates from around the Milltown area.  Also from a property called Belmont.  Family still live in this area today. Tom Burke

Burke, Fahy  I am the son of Mary Bridget Fahy, who was of the Galway Road Fahys of Tuam. She married George Browne (of Manchester) in Detroit, Michigan, in 1928 and I was born the following year, exactly a year and a day after their marriage. Both of them are now deceased, but my sister, Teresa (born 1936), is keeping track of the Fahy family who are now scattered across the US and western Europe.

The most famous relative (or "relation" as the Irish would say) was Jarlath Burke, my mother's first cousin (also of Galway Road) who spent most of his life as the publisher and editor of the "Tuam Herald" and writing for it. 

As for me personally, I went to Tuam for the first time in about 1931 or 1932, with my brother and one sister, and actually started school at the Mercy Convent before we returned to Detroit somewhere about 1934 or 1935. I've been back a couple of times since, but not for very long. I graduated from Notre Dame in 1951 and was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1955, along with my brother, George. I spent most of my priesthood in education with the Congregation of Holy Cross, first at our Major Seminary, Holy Cross College, in Washington, DC, and then here in Portland at the University of Portland, as the Director of the Library. I retired from that post in 1994 and have been here as pastor of a small parish ever since. (Rev.) Joseph P. Browne, CSC, St. Birgitta Rectory, 11820 NW St. Helen's Road, Portland, OR 97231-2319
(503) 286-3929

Burke, Flattery, Gleeson My great grandparents (Mr. Burke and Catherine Flattery) were both born in Tuam and their children came to Australia. I have at last traced some of my Burke Relations in Tuam who have been very helpful but I still need to trace the Gleeson families. Barbara Burke - Sydney Australia

Burke, Kennegan, Finn I am a retired newspaper editor and publisher from Sydney and am 
writing a book about my ancestors. My great grandfather Hubert Burke was born in Tuam in 1831, 
married a Sarah Kennegan (or Finn) there. They left to live in Liverpool, England. His brother Francis Burke and his wife Bridget also emigrated. I am guessing the Famine had something to do with it. My grandfather was born in Liverpool and migrated to Australia in the 1890s, where we have bred prolifically. Garry Burke

Butler, Fox, (O)Connor, (O)Halloran My Great Grandparents were Patrick Butler (about 1837 Cluggam - 2 Sep 1914 Pittsburgh, PA) and Catherine (O)Halloran (2 Dec 1854 Farnagh - 4 June 1939 Pittsburgh, PA). Patrick's parents were Patrick Butler (about 1803 - 21 Feb 1881 Cluggam) and Winifred (O)Connor (about 1818 - 12 June 1898 Cluggam).

Catherine's parents were Thomas (O)Halloran (abt 1812 - 27 Jan 1894
Cluggam) and Bridget FOX (about 1816 - 14 June 1865 Farnagh).
Cluggam and Farnagh were located near Maam on the edge of Lough Corrib.   Kay Andrews Pittsburgh, PA


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