How to join this site

Simply email us and let us know.

However, if this site is really going to be a first class free resource then we need members to share. We don't want your trees that you have worked hard to assemble. What we are after is raw data. If you want to know why we set up this site then read the saga of our trip to Galway!

Here is a list of the sort of things that you might be able to  email to us for the site - hope it's not too overwhelming. If your information doesn't fit any of these categories we will set up a new one. This is only our brainstorm of what WE have that can go on the site plus a brainstorm of what you MIGHT have already or be looking for.
Obviously you are not going to send EVERYTHING at once!
First and Foremost (and probably the easiest):
Your own interests:
Include these in an email in the way you would like them set out so we can paste them into the site. Include your current location if you wish. Tell us whether you would like us to put your contact details as your name e.g. Joe or as an alias or as your email address e.g.
Church Records: e.g. Date, Child’s name, parents names, any additional information
Civil Records:
·Griffiths Valuation (not Tuam and Dunmore – we already have those) but any others or further details for Tuam and Dunmore.
Civil Registrations (references only) If you have further details that you would be willing to share then say so and we will add an email link so others can contact you directly
·Census information. We have this for our own Brennan’s and some of these show other families
Fun Stuff:
We have found some amusing court accounts in newspapers. They read like Judge Judy! Also we have how to make a Tuam chair. Any suggestions for this section appreciated
Famous Tuamites
There are a few people with Tuam blood who have become famous or infamous in the accepted meaning of those words.
· But there may also be people in your tree, from humble roots possibly, who have made their mark in their own way. This is where we could enter their names and some details of how they have made good (or otherwise! Include, as exactly as possible, birth and death dates and place of birth as accurate as possible e.g. 12 Shop Street, Tuam (only if you have it of course). If you are proud of them let’s share your pride.
Where Did They Go?
·Ports of arrival perhaps, where they settled (and any in between points if you wish) Why did your ancestor leave Tuam?
Where are they now?
This would be the original ancestor plus current surnames and locations

Missing relatives (living)
Are you searching for an individual or family that has Tuam links? Submit as many details as you can and we can post them here. It goes without saying that you will need to omit anything that might upset someone.

Useful Websites
Are there any websites that you have found extremely useful and that you would like included. If you have a personal family history site this could go here too

Tuam was a military town and many young men joined the army. One of Joe’s great uncles (Bernard Simon Brennan) enlisted from Tuam but was killed in action. Bernard’s father was 40 years in the army. He returned to Tuam and was a Chelsea Pensioner.

There are quite a few websites out there with the history of the town. Do you have any good links?
What might be best on the site itself would be any social history you have that is probably unpublished. It might be handed down oral stories. Or social history.



(Not a good title for this section but can’t think of another one – awaiting inspiration or suggestions)
·Again there are quite a few good websites out there. Do you know of any?


· Maps clear street maps (for different dates) but unclear ones will have to suffice if nothing else is available.
· Parish maps
· Listings of parishes or anything else you can suggest.

Reference Books
· Do you know of any good ones? We know of at least one that is still in print. Do you have a reference for any and where others can get hold of a copy?
Request section
· Is there a particular document or group of documents that you think someone else might have? We can post these in this section
Dublin Record Office
Do you know what documents there are relating to Tuam.
Latter Day Saints (LDS)
Do you know what is available on this site for Tuam. Once again, no No worry if you don’t – we’ll be visiting their site to find out. But have you consulted any of them and have you extracted any information that might be shared?


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