Way's of Old: "Personal Hygiene"

Feet washing at night has long been a tradition of rural Ireland, but other hygiene wasn't popular until the end of last century!!
Wooden tubs were used on rare occasions as baths. It was traditional in some areas to bath the whole body once a year in the May morning dew, and young girls were known to wash their faces in dew each morning in order to have a flawless complexion.

The hair was washed regularly, especially by young girls who often wore it to their waists

Beauty Tips

Buttermilk or egg white will improve the complexion.

To remove stubborn dirt from the skin. Use the water in which potatoes have been boiled.

To relieve chilblains: Take off boots and socks in the bog and allow the antiseptic turfy soil to clear away the cause of the itch

To Improve the quality of the blood: Make up a tonic with herbs such as hawthorn, stinging nettle and chickweed.

Hair conditioner: use the yolk of an egg.

Hair Tonic: Boil the plant named cleavers to make a marvellous hair tonic.

Hair Colorants: The juice of marigold flowers will turn the hair blonde when used constantly, tea gives a rich coppery brown, and the juice of elderberries will give dark hair a rich glossy shine.