Sir Richard Francis Burton

(with many thanks to Helen Burton)

Sir Richard Francis Burton was born in Torquay, England. However his father, Joseph Netterville Burton was born in Tuam.

Richard's grandfather was Rev. Edward Burton, Vicar of Annaghdown in Galway. Edward and his wife, Maria Margaretta Campbell (Both are buried at Tuam Cathedral) had the following children, all born in Tuam:

James Edmund, later Rector of Terrebonne in Canada

John Campbell, who traded between Calcutta and Sydney

Joseph Netterville, father of Sir Richard

Francis , who was on St. Helena when Napoleon died and who took his death mask.

Edward - army officer

Lewis Henry - merchant in Demerara.

There were four daughters, Mrs. Crosse, Mrs. Smythe, Mrs. Matthews (no christian names for these) and Catherine who became Mrs. D'Aguilar wife of an Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel

Edward Burton's brother, Edmund, also came to Tuam with his first wife, Catherine Burton (both again buried at the Cathedral). His second wife, Martha Judge, (buried in Dublin) gave him three sons:

Edmund Burton, gentleman farmer at Tuam

Admiral James Ryder Burton

Samuel Judge Burton who, amongst other things, helped to macadamise some of the East Canadian highways!

Daughters were:

Fanny, later wife of Rev. John Orr

Martha Sarah who married Henry Irwin of Sligo

Marianne and Kitty who married Robert and Henry Roe, of the Dublin Distillery family.

Elizabeth who married Daniel Smith of Tuam

Harriet Elizabeth who never married (buried at the Cathedral)

Possibly two other daughters.

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