Who was Molly Brown?

Many of will know who this lady was-but for those of you who don't...

The "Unsinkable Molly Brown" was of Titanic fame. She survived two ship wrecks. There is a wonderful movie starring Debbie Reynolds that came out about 1963. It is a musical and I can't remember who the male star was, but he had a fantastic voice and the music is wonderful. Molly Brown's husband was a gold miner in the mountains of Colorado who struck it rich. They moved to Denver and built a mansion but were rough around the edges and not accepted by the polite Denver society. So they went to Europe and were a breath of fresh air there, accepted by society there. My grandmother, being concerned about reputations and such as an Irish immigrant, didn't think much of Molly Brown. Molly Brown had been a dance hall girl before she married. I am sure a convent educated Irish young lady wasn't too taken with ex-dance hall girls. Sheila

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