There are a few people with Tuam blood who have become famous or infamous in the accepted meaning of those words.

But there may also be people in your tree, from humble roots possibly, who have made their mark in their own way. This is where we could enter their names and some details of how they have made good (or otherwise! Include, as exactly as possible, birth and death dates and place of birth as accurate as possible e.g. 12 Shop Street, Tuam (only if you have it of course). If you are proud of them letís share your pride.

Martin Ward

martinward_mayor_photo.JPG (110950 bytes)

elected Mayor of Tuam (first traveller Mayor) in 2003

The Saw Doctors




Tom Murphy: playwright

Did you know Tom Murphy? 

Any memories?

Martin Andrew O'Brennan (1812-1878)

Editor of The Connaught Patriot

Dick Dowling (1838-1867)

Hero of Sabine Pass, Texas

Dad of John Joseph Lydon aka Johnny Rotten

Did you know him? Any memories?

Dr. John McHale, Archbishop of Tuam

site includes a great historic background of Tuam


Dr. Thomas Egan (1753-1818)



A street was named for the family in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. My McLaughlin's lived at 109 Second Street. I visited Pittsfield in 2002 and found that a street called McLaughlin Place now exists precisely where the McLaughlin's lived on Second Street. The street runs behind city hall. Juliet McGowan

(Sir) Richard Francis Burton 

(explorer and philologist)  born 1820 in Torquay, England son of  Joseph Nettleville Burton born in Tuam, Co. Galway


Michael Joseph McCann 

1824? to 1883

(poet and journalist) born 1824 in Tuam, Co. Galway, professor at St Jarlath's

1823 wrote O'Donnell Abu

"Che" Ernesto Guevara

(Lynch roots in Co Galway)

Amhlaim (Andrew) MacSenaigh

Harpist known as "master of melody" died of plague at Tuam in 1371

Joseph O'Neill   

Novelist and civil servant

1870 or 1878 or 1885 -1953

Sean Purcell and Frank Stockwell

"The Terrible Twins"

(Galway and Tuam Stars)


Your Famous or Infamous Ancestor

Well, he or she should have been. Send us an email with your entry as you would like it to appear.

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