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Thomas Egan came from Dunblaney, parish of Dunmore, in the Diocese of Tuam, Co. Galway and studied medicine at Montpellier University from which he graduated with a doctorate in 1775; his thesis was entitled "De arthritide" ("About Arthritis"). He practised medicine in Dublin for more than forty years and is mentioned in History of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland as one of four staff physicians having an allowance of 20s per day with half pay at the close of 1797 in an Army Medical Department that was established in 1795. At some point he was elected Physician to the Meath Hospital and, when he died, his place was taken by a well known physician, Whitley Stokes.

Dr. Egan was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy 23 July 1791 and read a paper to the Academy on 6 March 1805 titled "Experimental Inquiry into the Nature of Gravelly and Calculus Concretions, in the Human Subject; and the effects of Alkaline and Acid Substances on Them, in and out of the Body by Thomas Egan, M.D. M.R.I.A." It was published in the Royal Irish Academy Transactions, vol. X. (1803-06), pp. 229-311. Egan had been a physician for several years at Simpson's Gouty Hospital and had been conducting these experiments on urine since 1799. In concluding he stated, "We may now therefore presume to assert, from the medical history of this disease, as delivered in the first part of this essay, as well as from experiments, instituted in, and out of, the body; that acids, and acescent ingesta, may be considered, as remote cause of gravelly complaints." The modern definition of "gravel" is a "disease with aggregations of visible urinary crystals."

Egan was also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London 4 April 1811.

In 1795, Thomas Egan bought property measuring 20' by 110' on the east side of Sackville Street in Dublin. In 1806, Thomas Egan, M.D., was listed as a freeholder in The Poll for Electing Two Members to Represent the City of Dublin in the Imperial Parliament, p. 67, in the National Library, Dublin. In 1817, he was listed in Wilsonís Dublin Directory under the Kingís and Queenís College of Physicians, as living at 10 Sackville Street.

Thomas Egan's wife died 29 September 1817 in Dublin after "a long and painful illness."

Thomas Egan died in December 1818 in Mullingar, while on a visit. The parish register of St. Thomasís, Dublin was badly damaged by fire and contains a burial entry that might read: ďThomas Eagan, aged 65, 7 Dec 1818.Ē An Indenture of Lease, No. 503952, dated 26 April 1819, named his elder son, Thomas Egan of Dublin, as his heir. John Egan of Dublin was his second son; his daughters were Margaret Archdeakon (wife of Thomas Archdeakon) and Elenor Faunt (wife of Henry Faunt of Hanstown). William Glynn and Charles Glynn of Dublin, merchants and copartners, were also named. A rent of £130 on land in Sackville Street (which had been demised by Luke Gardiner to Cromwell Price on 21 February 1749) was to be paid 1/3 to John Egan, 1/3 to the Archdeakons, and 1/3 to the Faunts. Witnesses were John Johnson, Dublin; Wm. Barkley Holland, Thos. H. Egan, John Egan, Thos. and Margt. Archdeakon and Henry and Eleanor Faunt. Under another deed, No. 516593, dated 2 April 1821, Henry and Elinor Faunt sold Cromwell Price's interest in the property to Thomas Egan for £300. Witnesses were Wm. Barrett and Thos. Bayly of Dublin. Registry of Deeds, Dublin.

argaret married Thomas Archdeacon 28 November 1815 in Dublin. Elinor married Henry Faunt 18 December 1815,
Thomas, the elder son, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 5 November 1810, aged 17 as a pensioner (one who paid a fixed sum annually; they were usually sons of persons of moderate income.) His schoolmaster had been Mr. Gwynne; he is listed as "R.C."

Egan Wills from Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810
1806 Egan, Elinor, Dunblany, co. Galway, widow 
1803 " James, " " , esq
1796 " John, " " , gent.
1799 " Stephen, Galway town, " , M.D.

Index to Welpy - Irish Wills and Pleadings
Egan, vol 17, p. 35 - will of Margaret Doherty, 30.5.1788
Cork - houses on Grand Parade Cork and in Cahir
dau. Mary (less than 21)
father Stephen Egan of Cahir (living
mother Mary (living)
brother Jeremiah, John, Patt and Jas, Michael, Stephen
sister Eliza
aunt Ellen Connery
vol. 15, p. 199 - Dr. Stephen Egan of Galway town, executor of will of Honora M'Ginnis of Galway, widow, Jul-Oct 1777

Index to Clonfert and Kilmacduagh Wills
Date of Will Probate
Egan, Boyce, Mildtown, Galway 1795 1800
" , Casberry, gent., Sragh, " 1765 1768
" , Dennis, Rev. P.P., Clonfert, " 1717 1717
" , James, gent. Lissavahon, " 1766 1766
" , John, Sragh " 1770 not proven
" , John, Gent., Gort, " 1817 1830
" , Mary [ ] " 1831 1831
" , Michael, Gorteen, " 1773 1773
" , Patrick, gent. Ruaghan, " 1747 1747
" , Sarah, Lissivahane " 1824 1827
" , Thomas, Ballinasloe " 1836 1836

The following newspaper notices from Freemanís Journal were taken directly; the others are from Rosemary ffolliott, Biographical notices from the newspapers of Limerick, Ennis, Waterford and Clonmel, 1758-1828 (fiche, Metro Toronto Library):

Dublin Hibernian Journal, 27 November 1772 - died at Cladagh, in the co of Galway in the 80th year of his age, Mr. Boetius Egan

Dublin Hibernian Journal, 18 June 1777 - died at Dunblaney near Tuam in a very advanced age, Mrs. Egan mother to Messrs. Egan of the same place.

references to JOHN EGAN THE ELDER of Dunblaney and his sons:

Ennis Chronicle, 28 February 1791 - died last Sunday night at Dunblany, co Galway, Mr. John Egan.

the following is from the Dublin Registry of Deeds: 
vol. 56, Galway, 1739-1810, Drinane Wood, Dunblaney
Egan to Egan, book 517, p. 456, No. 340507, 3 November 1798
between Edmund Egan of Dunblany, one part and John Egan and John and Patrick Egan, both of Dunblany of the other part.
- Edmund Egan became titled under and by virtue of the will of John Egan the Elder, late of Dunblaney, deceased, the father of the said Edmund Egan, John Egan, John and Patrick Egan.
- long list of townlands in Galway and Roscommon.
- Edmund Egan assigns it all to John Egan, John and Patrick Egan.
- witnessed by Francis Blake and Lewis King, Dublin

Egan To Boursiquat, l. 624, p. 295, No. 428852, 11 July 1810, between Edmund Egan, late of Dunblany, then of Dublin, and James Boursiqot, of Dublin, Merchant.
- sold for £1271/5/9 to Boursiqot
- mentions John Egan, Patrick Egan and said Edmund Egan.
- lands in Galway and Roscommon
- all yearly incomes mentioned had been granted to Edmond Egan by John and Patrick Egan by deed dated 3 November 1798

the following is from the Genealogical Office, Dublin, MS 232, Betham's Will Pedigrees, p. 238:
John Egan of Dunblaney, will dated 2 July 1796; married Margaret; brothers - a doctor, and James
children: Dr. Boetius, James, John (married Marcella Shee, 1809), Stephen, Denis, Patrick, Edmond, Dr. Thomas H. (married Marcella Cruice), Margaret (married Nicholas Higgins)

references to STEPHEN EGAN, originally from Dunblaney, matriculated at Montpellier University, 1748, received his baccalaureat in 1750 and his doctorate in 1751. Louis Dulieu, la mťdecine ŗ Montpellier, III, part 2.]

Registry of Deeds Abstracts of Wills, vol. III, 1785-1832,
p. 103, Stephen Egan, witness to Galway will, 1792
p. 153, Dr. Stephen Egan mentioned as lessee of house in High St, Galway, Dec 1797
vol. III, 1746-85,
p. 355 May 1785, Stephen Egan, Galway, Esq, M.D., a witness

Waterford Herald, 16 August 1792 - died at Galway, Mrs. Egan, wife of Stephen Egan, Esq. M.D.

Clare Journal, 12 April 1799 - Dublin: died in Galway, Stephen Egan, Esq., M.D.

references to PATRICK EGAN of Woodbrook, who was one of the parties to the Marriage Settlement of Henry Faunt and Elinor Egan

Limerick Evening Post, Saturday, 31 July 1813 - married on Monday at Doraville, Miltown, Malbay, Patrick Egan of Woodbrook, co Galway, Esq. to Theresa, 3rd daughter of James O'Sullivan of this city, Esq.

Limerick Evening Post, 18 June 1814, and Clonmel Advertiser, 22 June 1814 - died on the 14th inst. at Woodbrook in the co. of Galway in the prime of life, Mrs. Egan, wife of Patrick Egan, Esq. 

Clare Journal, Thursday, 2 May 1816 - on Tuesday last at Woodbrook, co. Galway after a short but severe indisposition, Patrick Egan, Esq.

references to other Egans from Dunblaney or the adjacent area:
Gentlemanís Magazine, July 1798, p. 632 - ďAt Dunlany [sic], near Tuam in Ireland, on his return from his visitation, the Rev. Dr. Egan, Roman Catholic archbishop of Tuam.Ē (Probably Boetius Egan, bishop of Achonry, translated to Tuam by election in Propaganda, 3 December 1787; studied at Bordeaux; born about 1734; died before 25 Jan 1798. Reference - Brady, The Episocopal Succession in England, Scotland and Ireland, 1400-1875, vol. II, pp. 147-148.)

Limerick Evening Post, 14 July 1817, died in Gort on Sunday, Dr. Egan.

Ennis Chronicle, 2 May 1818 - Birth: the lady of Michael Egan, Esq. of a daughter. (Also in Freemanís Journal, , 2 May 1818; birth took place in Limerick)

Freemanís Journal, 21 August 1818 - Death of Eliza, wife of John Egan of Parson-town

Ennis Chronicle, 28 October 1818 - died John EGAN James, Esq. [sic] of Dunblaney, co Galway.

Freemanís Journal, 12 November 1818 - marriage of Capt. Hamilton of Moate to Miss Egan

Freemanís Journal, 12 November 1818 - marriage of John Egan of Burros OíKaine to Ann Blake of Moorfield, at Eyrecourt, Co Galway

Freemanís Journal, 26 February 1819 - marriage of James Egan and S.S. Cates in St. Maryís church

Limerick Chronicle, 28 April 1819 - married at Dunblaney House, Surgeon Bowes Egan, son of the late Bowes Egan, Esq. of Anna, to Catherine, daughter of J. Burke, Esq of Kilskeagh, co Galway (also in Freemanís Journal, 30 April 1819)

Freemanís Journal, 13 May 1819, Lt. William Persse to Belinda Persse Egan of Persse-Park, Co Galway 

Freemanís Journal, 3 August 1819, death of Lieut. Daniel Egan in Cork

Freemanís Journal, 26 November 1819, birth of a daughter to Major Egan in Bombay

Clare Journal, 9 December 1819 - died in Galway, the wife of Mr. John Egan

Freemanís Journal, 8 December 1820 - marriage of William Egan of Arran Quay to Mary Ann Bently in St. Peterís Church

Freemanís Journal, 27 October 1821 - marriage of John Egan of Tralee to Ellen Mawe

Freemanís Journal, 11 November 1822 - marriage of P. Egan, Attorney, to Miss Clarke, eldest daughter of P. Clarke, Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

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