McLaughlins Of Galway

Most McLaughlin's don't come from Galway, Ireland. Mine did. They probably originally were from Mayo. This made it pretty easy to track them. 

Lawrence McLaughlin Jnr's naturalization papers stated that he came from Galway, Ireland. He arrived in New York on 6 April 1849. He lived in New York City then Becket, Lenox and finally Washington, Massachusetts. Lawrence applied for naturalization on 20 November 1852 in the City of New York. He was naturalized on 8 January 1855 while living in Lenox, Massachusetts. Lawrence stated his year of birth was 1820. He actually signed his naturalization papers.

His brother John McLaughlin claims to have entered through the port of New York on 4 December 1849 and lived in Lee and Lenox, Massachusetts. John was born in 1828. He also could sign his name. 

His oldest brother Patrick appears to have been the first to arrive through the port of Boston on 20 July 1847. He lived in Lee, Massachusetts. The 1870 United States Census states that he can read and write and he did as well sign his naturalization papers.

When I was going through Massachusetts death records, I found another brother named Michael McLaughlin. His parents were also listed as Lawrence and Mary Kelly McLaughlin. While I was searching through marriage records, I discovered sister Bridget. Her parents are also listed as Lawrence and Mary Kelly McLaughlin. Bridget married a Thomas Conrad. 

There are a few other McLaughlin’s that lived in the area who are related to our Lawrence but I can't figure out where to place them. For example there is another Lawrence who was born in 1815 in Galway but I don't know who his father is. He is obviously a cousin to our Lawrence.

The best find was when I visited Massachusetts in June of 2002. I found the family cemetery plots. One tombstone located at St. Mary's on Spring Street in Lee Massachusetts read "Michael McLaughlin born Sept. 20, 1822 died Nov. 25,1876. May he rest in peace. A native of the Parish of Mulloaghmore Co. Galway, Ireland". The stone was in terrible shape and has a severe crack through the center of it. Never underestimate the power of a cemetery when doing genealogy.

Most of the McLaughlin's immigrated to England or America. Patrick McLaughlin born in 1807 settled in North Jefferson Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. They all left because of the famine (1845 to 1850). They were tenant farmers and when the crops failed they were stripped of their lands. Many McLaughlin's starved to death. I had an e-mail about a year ago from a Galway McLoughlin descendant who's family settled in England and he confirmed the reasons for emigrating. He also stated that the brother to his ancestor owned a toy store in New York City, New York. New York City is where my Lawrence Jr. settled before moving on to Lee, Massachusetts.

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