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Hello, My name is Amy Tavern and I live in the U.S. Many years ago I had a pen pal  named Emer Bray and she lived in Tuam Co. Galway on Bermingham Road. Do you know of her? I would like to get in contact with her again and perhaps you can help me. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Amy Tavern


  1. Are you looking for a  family heirloom, document or anything else that someone somewhere might have?
  2. Do you have Tuam based family that you would like to find?
  3. Is there another seeking category that you would like?


  1. Tuam Cemeteries: do you have any records for these?
  2. Does anyone have a decent town or city map preferably with index?
  3. Dates of a planned visit? Would be nice to coordinate your visits with other Tuamites.
  4. Bmds - see latest additions page

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