Irish Tokens 1653-1679 

These were given out by the Crown in Ireland, and were used as a royal license to do business. If you were a trades or business merchant you had to obtain this token. Some had dates on them and many did not. By 1680 the tokens were replaced by a Crown halfpenny copper coin.

GalwayIssues Town Date Occupation
Andrews, Thomas Galway    
Ballard, Richard Galway    
Banckes, Francis Galway   pewterer
Bargery, Henry Loughrea   merchant
Blake, Francis Loughrea    
Bodle, John Galway   merchant
Broughton, Thomas Galway 1669 merchant
Browne, Patrick Galway 1669 merchant
Browne, Thomas Galway   merchant
Christian, Abraham Galway   merchant
Cloan, Thomas Athenry   merchant
Coyne, Edmond Galway 1669 merchant
Davison, George HighSt.Galway    
Dodd, Paul Galway 1658  
Fitzgerald, Gerald Galway      
French, Bart. Galway 1659  
French, Christopher Loughrea 1656  
French, Dominick,  Galway 1664 merchant
Grome, JohnGalway   1664  
Hadlocke, Robert Galway    
Harris, Richard Loughrea 1677 skinner
Hicks, Walter Galway 1669  
Hinde, Jarvis Galway    
Jackson, William Galway 1668 vintner
Kelly, Daniell Loughrea   merchant
Kelly, Edmond Loughrea   merchant
Kirwin, Nicholas Galway    
Lynch, Abraham Galway 1668 merchant
Lynch, Dominick Galway 1668  
Lynch, Marcus Galway    
Lynch, Martin,  Ballymore, Galway 1671  
Moore, Lawrence Loughrea   merchant
Morrey, John Galway    
Newton, Samuel Galway    
Ormsby, Edward Galway 1665 merchant
Parr, Peter Galway 1669  
Poore, Christopher Loughrea   merchant
Poore, John Loughrea   merchant
Sadler, Aldrige Galway   baker
Stanley, William Galway 1659  
Stanton, George Galway   merchant
Tressy, James Tuam 1670 merchant
Vines, Stephen Galway 1664  
Warner, Robert Galway 1664 merchant