Game Licences and Taxes

Irish Game Licences,  1809 Galway
Lord Clonbrook,      Clonbrook
James Daly,           Dunsandle
James Dillon,          Caher
Michael Hennesey,  Dunsandle
Rev. R. Marley         Tuam
from the Freemans Journal   Sept. 27&30, 1809

Irish Revenue as of 24 June 1709   employees   of

Galway Ports
Henry Arkwright,    Collector
Samuel Waugh,  Surveyor
John Wilson,  Landwaiter
Ralph Bean,   Tidewaters
John Christian  Tidewaters
George Bunbury  Tidewaters
William Bishop  Tidewaters
Humphrey Harding  Tidewaters
Robert Greenland  Tidewaters
Edward Dixon     Boatmen
Abraham Nicholson Boatmen
Cornelius Farrell  Boatmen
Richard Pope,     Gauger
Andrew Hunt       Gauger

Loughrea District
Burdit Pilkington,   Collector
Phillip Moore   Surveyor
William Bell,  Gauger,    Dunmore
Henry Haddock,  Gauger,  Portuma
Caworth Woodhouse,  Gauger, Kilturton
John Montague,  Gauger,  Loughrea
Nicolas Toppin
,  Gauger, Eryecourt
Charles Hogg,   Gauger,  Kilconnell
George Gregory
, Gauger,  Tuam
Thomas Davis,  Gauger, Athenree
Nathaniel Evans,   Supernumerary

Collector of Revenue 1688 Galway: Patrick Mein,  Galway

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