A Little About Dave's Roots

My surname BLAIR is Scottish in origin, probably from Ayrshire. Many Blairs settled in the North of Ireland. My line settled down in Cavan about 1760, at Killeshandra. Visited there 3 yrs ago saw the family "cottage" all over grown and wild even a dirt floor.. No Blairs left in Cavan. 

My great grandfather William, in the RIC, left for Cheshire, England and married a Sarah Harding from Nantwich. She died young and he came to Boston with his children (my grandfather Arnold Blair). Arnold married an Irish colleen in So. Boston right from Athenry, Galway, Delia Cannon. 

On my mothers side Irish, French and German. Her mother Annie Gildea, came from Claremorris, Co. Mayo. She came to Boston and was a governess to wealthy families in Boston. When she turned 100! she received beautiful letters from her "children" she helped raise. Her husband Edmund Demro (anglicised from Desmarais) was born in Wisconsin to Fr/Canadian/Ger. stock. His grandfather was a German sea captain in South Carolina during the Civil War, running through the northern Union blockades. 

Our French side has been "clearly "documented back through France to Roman Gaul- 79BC. ("Believe it or Not?) Its only for fun I feel, but interesting. 

Dave Blair

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