Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

N.B: All have their parish as "Dunmore"

Blake Walter T/Dunmore
Bodkin James T/Dunmore
Bodkin John Cluid
Bodkin John Kilnalappa
Bodkin John T/Dunmore
Bodkin John Tobernaclug
Bourke John T/Dunmore
Breheny John T/Dunmore
Brenan James T/Dunmore
Brennan John T/Dunmore
Byrne John T/Dunmore
Byrne Patrick T/Dunmore
Canavan Edward T/Dunmore
Clancy John T/Dunmore
Coen John T/Dunmore
Collins` John T/Dunmore
Comer Bridget T/Dunmore
Comer John T/Dunmore
Concannon Andrew T/Dunmore
Concannon Michael T/Dunmore
Connor Catherine T/Dunmore
Creane Joseph T/Dunmore
Curley Naperia T/Dunmore
Devany Bridget T/Dunmore
Donnellan James T/Dunmore
Donnellan Malachi T/Dunmore
Donnellan William Dunmore
Donnellan William T/Dunmore
Duffy Rev. Patrick T/Dunmore
Dwyer Daniel T/Dunmore
Egan James T/Dunmore
Fallon John T/Dunmore
Flaherty Patrick T/Dunmore
Fletcher Thomas T/Dunmore
Ford Francis T/Dunmore
Gannon Bartholomew T/Dunmore
Gavin Thomas T/Dunmore
Gibbons Honoria T/Dunmore
Gilmore Bridget T/Dunmore
Gilmore Bridget Dunmore
Gilmore Luke T/Dunmore
Glancy John T/Dunmore
Grady Bridget T/Dunmore
Griffith William D. Dunmore Demesne
Harte Catherine T/Dunmore
Hayden Mary T/Dunmore
Higgins Michael T/Dunmore
Howley John T/Dunmore
Kane Bridget T/Dunmore
Keefe Margaret T/Dunmore
Kelly John Dunmore
Kelly John T/Dunmore
Kelly Maryanne T/Dunmore
Kelly Patrick T/Dunmore
Kenny Patrick T/Dunmore
Keveny Michael T/Dunmore
King Michael T/Dunmore
Loftus James T/Dunmore
Loftus Martin T/Dunmore
Lowry Martin T/Dunmore
Mahon Edward T/Dunmore
Malarky Edward T/Dunmore
Malarky Thomas T/Dunmore
Mannion Patrick T/Dunmore
Martin Michael T/Dunmore
McDonagh Bridget T/Dunmore
McDonagh Matthew Dunmore
McDonagh Matthew T/Dunmore
McDonagh Patrick T/Dunmore
McDonagh Robert T/Dunmore
McDonnell Martin Dunmore
McDonnell Martin T/Dunmore
Minchin Rep. Margaret T/Dunmore
Miskil Patrick T/Dunmore
Mooney Patrick T/Dunmore
Morris Patrick T/Dunmore: Comment: "Butcher"
Morris Patrick T/Dunmore
Morrissy Patrick T/Dunmore
Mugan Rev. Anthony T/Dunmore
Murphy William T/Dunmore
Murray John T/Dunmore
Nevin Honoria T/Dunmore
O'Connor Andrew T/Dunmore
O'Hagan Margaret T/Dunmore
O'Loughlin Henry Dunmore
O'Rorke Rev. James T/Dunmore
Patton John T/Dunmore
Quinn Margaret T/Dunmore
Quinn Patt T/Dunmore
Raftery Mary T/Dunmore
Reid Thomas T/Dunmore
Reilly George Dunmore
Reilly George T/Dunmore
Reilly Peter Dunmore
Ryan Martin T/Dunmore
Ryan Patrick T/Dunmore
Ryder Patrick T/Dunmore
Ryder Patt T/Dunmore
Scully Catherine T/Dunmore
Shee Baronet James T/Dunmore
Sheridan Catherine T/Dunmore
Stephens Luke T/Dunmore
Sweeny Mary T/Dunmore
Tierney James T/Dunmore
Tracy Daniel T/Dunmore
Tracy Patrick T/Dunmore
Tracy Thomas T/Dunmore
Vernor John T/Dunmore
Waldron James T/Dunmore
Walsh Honoria T/Dunmore
Ward Martin T/Dunmore

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