Australian Tuamite BMD's 

from Virginia Dye who says:

"I have been checking out the BD&M's for Victoria, Australia and the following is a list of people I have found who were born in Tuam, Co Galway & Dunmore. Hope these may be of some use to others who are researching family members who came to oz."

birth surname forename(s) event year spouse/parents reg. no. birthplace
Waldron Bridget Theresa married 1880 Doyle John 576 Tuam
Heasly  John married 1888 Higgins Johanna 2910 Tuam
Ryan Michael Vincent married 1874 Ryan Ellen Jos 265 Tuam
Ormsby Philip married 1875 McKellar Cath  667 Tuam
Forde  Ellen married 1874 Murphy Patrick 419 Tuam
Ryan Ellen Josephine married 1874  Ryan Mich Vinc 4265 Tuam
Ryan  Ellen married 1870 Williams John  4015 Tuam
Ormsby Joseph Mason  married 1870 Lowry Marianne 4040 Tuam
Monehen Mary died aged 27 1869 Monehen Casey Denis and Bridget Frazer 4711 Tuam
Allen  Ada Eve married 1899 Thompson Geo Arth 1243 Dunmore
Cochrane Mary died aged 26 1876 Cochrane Haslett Simon and Mary (Unknown) 11297 Tuam
O'Brien Sarah married 1904  Ferguson Edw Jno   864  Cogal
O'Hara Patrick Jos  married 1904 O'Dea K'leen   6981 Cogal
Walshe Bidelia Agnes married 1904  O'Connell Edw Thos   N/K Cogal 
Kerr  Sylvester  married 1904  Arnot Mildred Mary  3390 Cogal 
Melville Mich married 1903  Taaft Maggie 2690 Cogal 
Connolly Michl married 1903  Hirst Emma 4712 Cogal 
Fahey  Patk Jno  married 1904 Moulton Evelyn 6012 Cogal 
Hynes Cath married 19--  Luffsman Gustav  N/K Cogal 
Armstrong  Robt Allen married 1902  Fraser Mary Harley 3882 Cogal 
Broderick  Kate married 1902  Reid Andrew 5193 Cogal 
Clarke Elisth married 1904 McAllan Ernt N/K Studleigh Gal --

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