Our trip to Ireland

In December 2002 we visited Ireland for the first time from our home in Wigan, Lancashire.

Family rumour was that the family had visited over here in the 1920's from Ballinasloe - but some mention was also made of Tuam.

So we spent two weeks travelling up to Ballinasloe - searching the records, visiting the church, chatting to people, tramping the graveyards and all the usual things you do on such a visit. In the process we made many new friends.

During the second week we decided to visit Tuam library to see if we could find anything on Bernard Brennan, my daughter's great, great great uncle, who had been killed in action in WW1. We had assumed that the library would be open. No such luck! However, having read the opening times we returned the following day - Thursday - and found a newspaper report. A few lines but it reported his death and son of the late Patrick Brennan of Bishop Street.

So now we thought we had 'cracked it'! Straight to the 1901 census for Bishop Street - Patrick wasn't there. Where was he?

Several hours later we found him in Sun Street? What was he doing in Sun Street. So now a walk to Sun Street. We had the house number. Easy ...

Nope! Sun Street has been rebuilt since Patrick lived there but with no official house numbers (two addresses with 4 on the door if we recall correctly on opposite sides of the street).

We were directed to the local stonemason, a real craftsmen and very clever man, (but that's another story). Amongst other things he told us that Sun Street is also know as Bishop Street..

Why are we telling you all this? Well, hopefully on your trip of a lifetime to Tuam, you will be armed with as much information as we can gather for you and you can search for your ancestor in the right place. You will also have basic information like where to look plus opening times, contact names, telephone numbers and so on.

Then you can happily go into all the local pubs, buy the oldest resident a drink and research your family the Irish way.

And when you return, submit your information to this site so that others may have a profitable and enjoyable trip.


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