1841 and 1851 census fragments : All Surviving Galway entries

- brought to you through the efforts of Cathy O'Neill

In 1908 the Old Age pension was introduced in Ireland, for those aged 70 and over.
Would-be claimants, born about 1840, but unable to provide proof of age because of the lack of records pre-1864, could apply to the Public Records Office for a search of the relevant census.
Completed claim forms sometimes contained full details of the original census entry.
Almost all the 19th century censuses were destroyed, so these fragments are invaluable

LOUGHREA Town 1841: Main Street.
1) Edward and Margaret Hyor, bank manager ,
1x son andAnne Feeny, Bridget Staunton, Augustine Coyne.
2) Laurence and Belinda Fahy and 3 children.
3) Stephen and Honoria Madden and 3 children
4) John Daly (in US), wife Isabella and 6 children
5) Mary Daly and daughter
6) Michael and Clare Egan plus 5 children, parents Pat/Julia

LOUGHREA Town 1841:
7) Mathias and Bridget Coin, plus 2 children

LOUGHREA Town 1841: Bride st.
8) Henry and Eleanor Cloran doctor and 3 children (family born Loughrea and
Dublin), plus Tom Byrne, Joseph Farrell, Ella Moriarty, Anne Kelly

LOUGHREA Town 1841: Dunkellin St.
9) Thomas and Agnes Walsh, solicitor with 7 children.
(1st wife Honoria )
plus Stephen Madden, gentleman, (sister Ellen, Gort, son in India.)


1) John and Margaret Brennan, Bridget Giblin, LEAHA townland
2) Johnand Wenny Eagan ,children, and Cath McGuire (Bryan) CURRAGHBOG townland
3) Pat and Ann Fitzmorris, children, Cath. Giblin, LEAHA townland.
4) 13x GIBLIN families, various townlands.
5) Cath Jordan ( John's widow) and sons and grandsons Naughton, GARRAUN
6) John and Mary Keaveny and children (some in US) and Giblin, BOLYTHOMAS.
7) Michael Loughan and Michael (US) and Kitty Giblin, CONDERRY/CAMDERRY
8) 19 x MEE families, various townlands. (NB, This could possibly be the
surname NEE - the records are ambiguous)
9) Onor Mullin (Lacky's widow), sons plus Mee, McDonnell 
grandchildren. LISDUFF
10) John and Peggy Mulry, children,and Tom Mea. DERRYLIPPO.
11) Bryan and Bridget Maguire, children. FAIRFIELD.
12) Conner and Honora Maguire, children, FAIRFIELD
13) John and Honora Mcguire, children, Peggy Lally. CURRAGHBOG. (family in UK, US)
14) Luke and Cath. Maguire, children, FAIRFIELD.
15) Pat (US) and Margaret McGuire, children plus Judy Heath. AGHALATEEVE.
16) Ed.and Cath McKague, children plus Igo,Giblin,Mcgarry, FUNSHIN. 
17) Peter(?) Neary (Hugh) and Mee. AGHALATEEVE.

1) Eleanor Lally, RAHINS,Killoscobe.
2) Pat and Celia Martin, CORBALLY MORE,Abbeygormacan.
3) Peter and Bridget Murray,KNOCKMASCAHILL,Ballynakill
4) Judith Spellman (Michael's widow) Bridge St. Galway town.
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