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My ancestors came from the Tuam area of county Galway. Whilst Mullaneys can be found in 18 of the 32 counties their more traditional locations are counties Sligo, Roscommon and Mayo with a good concentration in Tipperary. Obviously my records concentrate on Mullaney, Mullany and Mullanny along with another 90 or so variants of the name. I have through association with the Clan Mullaney Association Ireland accumulated some 15,000 Mullaney individual records from around the world, should anyone wish to make contact. Michael Mullaney

I visited your website and thought that you might like to add the following 
baptisms recently researched from Tuam Cathedral.

Mark Mullany baptised Tuam 19 March 1790 son of Owen Mullany and Celia Moor.
James Mullanny baptised Tuam 14 April 1791 son of Patrick Mullanny and Mary 
Byrne. Sponsors: Thomas Kelly & Joan Savage.
Bridget Mullanny baptised Tuam 26 October 1791 daughter of Paddy Mullanny 
and Mary Carty. Sponsors: Pat & Elonor Kelly.
Bridget Mullany baptised Tuam 26 January 1792 daughter of Thady Mullany and 
Mary Carty. Sponsors: Patrick Kelly & Eleanor Kelly.
James Mullanny baptised Tuam 5 August 1793 son of Thomas Mullanny and Sa??? 
Burke. Sponsors: Anthony Daily & Charlotte Bradly.
Mary Mullanny baptised tuam 16 December 1793 daughter of John Mullanny and 
Mary Divine. Sponsors: Pat Martin & Lucy Phelan.
Winnifred Mullanny baptised Tuam 28 August 1794 daughter of James Mullanny 
and Bridget Kelly. Sponsors: John Kelly & Bridget Healy.
Patrick Mullany baptised Tuam 29 September 1796 son of John Mullany and 
Nancy Divine. Sponsors: Martin Hanly & Peggy Donelon.
Mary Mullanny baptised Tuam 7 May 1797 daughter of Thady Mullanny and Mary 
Carty. Sponsors: Francis Douerty & Una Fihily.
Patrick Mullany baptised Tuam 28 February 1802 son of Hugh Mullany and 
Catherine Kelly. Sponsors: John Kelly & Eleanor McCann.
Mary Mullany baptised Tuam 12 April 1803 daughter of Owen Mullany and Cath 
Morris. Sponsors: ??? Flanagan & Mary T.
Thady Mullany baptised Tuam 5 October 1803 son of John Mullany and Mary 
Kelly. Sponsors: Roger Mullany & Mary Brannan.

Records missing until 1811.

Michael Mullany baptised Tuam 18 April 1814 son of John Mullany and Mary 
Ford. Sponsors: Thomas Mullorn & Mary Daly.
Bridget Mullany baptised Tuam 22 January 1814 daughter of Lawrence Mullany 
and Judy Ganlan. Spon: Lawrence Ganlan & M. McAmemeny.
Patrick Mullany baptised Tuam 7 January 1816 son of Patrick Mullany and 
Lilia Curack. Sponsors: Catherine Mullany.
Honour Mullany baptised Tuam 6 September 1819 daughter of Michael Mullany 
and Mary Manane. Spon: Patrick Crispin & Judith Kelly
Bridget Mullany baptised Tuam 9 November 1819 dau of Michael Mullany and 
Peggy Tuather. Spon: Thomas Common & Bridget Williamson.
Martin Mullany baptised Tuam 11 November 1819 son of Martin Mullany and 
Elenor Nolan. Spon: Michael Commons & Bridget Commons.
Sally Mullany baptised Tuam 29 February 1821 daughter of Michael Mullany and 
Mary Ward. Spon: Michael Commons & Biddy Boyann.
Mary Mullany baptised Tuam 22 September 1821 daughter of Martin Mullany and 
Ellen Nolan. Spon: Michael Mullany & Mary Mullany.
Patrick McHugh baptised Tuam 5 March 1822 son of James McHugh and Bridget 
Mullany. Spon: Michael Mullany & Mary Rasoon.
Mary Mullany baptised Tuam 11 April 1822 daughter of Michael Mullany and 
Peggy Tuather. Spon: Thomas Commins & Mary Halyenpay.
Bridget Mullany baptised Tuam 14 June 1822 daughter of Patrick Mullany and 
Mary Lchean. Spon: Bridget Kelly.
Sally Mullany baptised Tuam 17 July 1822 daughter of Michael Mullany and 
Mary Ward. Spon: ??? Mannin & Sally Divine.
Ellenor Mulvadin baptised Tuam 17 January 1823 daughter of Thomas Mulvadin 
and Mary Mullany. Spon: Bridget Hannan.
Thomas ????? baptised Tuam 1 December 1823 son of Michael ???? and ???? 
Mullany. Spon: ???? McHugh & ???? McHugh.
???? Mullany baptised Tuam 10 January 1824 son of Michael Mullany and Mary 
Mission. Spon: ???? & ???? Lawson.
Patrick Smyth baptised Tuam 24 January 1824 son of Thomas Smyth and Winny 
Mullany. Spon: Martin Crealy & Bridget Connelly.
Michael Mullaney baptised Tuam 10 November 1825 son of James Mullaney and 
Bridget Mullaney.
Martin Mullany baptised Tuam 12 November 1825 son of Charles Mullany and 
Patrick Clark baptised Tuam 12 July 1826 son of Mick Clark and Catherine 
Catherine Welsh baptised Tuam 10 February 1828 daughter of John Welsh and 
Mary Mullany.
Patrick Mullany baptised Tuam 14 March 1828 son of Patrick Mullany and 
Bridget Feerick. Spon: Bridget Corlis.
John Mullany baptised Tuam 28 May 1828 son of Michael Mullany and Bridget 
Mary Mullany baptised Tuam 12 January 1831 daughter of Michael Mullany and 
Bridget Walsh.
Catherine Mullany baptised Tuam 26 January 1831 daughter of Patrick Mullany 
and Eleanor Feerick. Spon: Patrick Lowry & Mary Donelan.
Mary Mullany baptised Tuam 29 November 1835 daughter of Charles Mullany and 
Mary Lyt???.
Winny Mullany baptised Tuam 12 December 1834 daughter of Michael Mullany and 
Mary mannion. Spon: James Mannion & Winny Mannion.
Catherine Mullany baptised Tuam 2 February 1835 daughter of James Mullany 
and Mary Finnigan.
Bridget Mullany baptised Tuam 4 May 1835 daughter of M. Mullany and Hanna 
John Mullanny baptised Tuam 5 January 1836 son of Martin Mullanny and Mary 
Margaret Mullany baptised Tuam 18 September 1836 daughter of Charles Mullany 
and Judy Gannon.
Mullaney births seem to fade out after this date.
Margaret Mullany baptised Tuam 19 February 1897, Born 14 February daughter 
of Patrick Mullany and Kate Boyle. Spon: Michael Hogan & Mary & Michael 
Gowan. Residence "Stripe".

There are very few marriages in Tuam Parish records for any of the above 
which suggest ????

My family line is Hugh Mullaney married Catherine Kelly. Children: Patrick 
born 1802 Tuam and Michael born 1806 Tuam. The additional placename "Churn" 
is added, no one able to identify Churn ! Patrick married Bridget Feerick 
they had two children, Patrick 1828 and Catherine 1831, both emigrated to 
England. Patrick married Mary Brannan in Lancashire, that's my line. 
Catherine married Edward Curoe in Lancashire.
Michael enlisted in the British Army, The Buffs and emigrated to New Zealand 
as a Fensible in 1847. He married Ellen Eustace in 1848 they had 6 children 
Eliza 1849. Richard 1851. Michael 1854. Michael James 1855. Mary Ann 1858. 
Hugh Lewis 1861 from which a large clan evolved in New Zealand. There is a 
book on the Family of Michael and Ellen Mullany of Howick unfortunately 
nothing on his life in Tuam.

In the book it says Michael came from landed gentry. All my research has of 
yet not produced any landed gentry in the Mullaneys. 

Some very basic indexes which may be of use. All credited to Tuam Parish.

Thomas Mulany born 1868.
Bridget Mulany born 1869.
James Mulany born 1869.
John Mulany born 1869.
Michael Mulany born 1870.
Thady Mulany born 1871.
James Mullany born 18 Sep 1869 F: John. M: Honoria Flaherty.

Patrick Mullany married 1864.
Mary Mullany married 1864
John Mullany married 1871.
Patrick Mullany married 1876.
John Mullany married 1876.
James Mullany married 1880.
Bridget Mullany married 1880.
Mary Mullany married 1893.
Thomas Mullany married 1894.
Patrick Mullaney married 1896.
Mary Mullany married 1897.
Michael Mullany married 1897.
John Mullany married 1898.
Ellen Mullany married 1908.
Mary Mullany married 1909.

Mary Mullaney died age 70 1871.
Thady Mullaney died age 1 1872.
Michael Mullaney died age 70 1881.
Bridget Mullaney died age 1 1884.
Mary Mullaney died age 58 1886.
Bridget Mullaney died age 62 1887.
Thomas Mullaney died age 26 1887.
Martin Mullaney died age 70 1889.
Terence Mullaney died age 44 1889.
Danier Mullaney died age 80 1891.
John Mullaney died age 70 1893.
James Mullaney died age 76 1896.
Kate Mullany died age 4 1900.
Mary Mullany died age 7 1900.
Kate Mullaney died age 82 1901.
John Mullaney died age 32 1903.

Regards and with thanks for your website. Michael Mullaney

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