Clergy and Nobility of Tuam   26 July 1723

   The Archbishopric of Tuam is vacant by the death of Dr. Francis Burke. The canons unanimously asked his Holiness Innocent XIII, to appoint as Archbishop Rev.   Dr. Bernard O'Gara now Vicar Capitular.    

Miles Prendergast, Dean of the Chapter of Tuam
Thomas Flynn, Bishop of Ardagh
Charles O'Hara,  Dr. of Faculty of Paris
Patrick Kirwan, Dean and Vicar Of  Achonry and Deacon of Tuam
Denis Kelly, Provost of Tuam
John Bodkin.  Canon of Tuam
Edmund Burke, "            "
John Hughes,    "             "
Charles Jordan,  "             '
Moriarty MacHugh,  Vicar and Rector of Balla
George McManus, Dr. of Theology and Vicar
Denis Girrane,       "                   "                 ''
Augustin Neale, P.P.(parish priest)
Aneas McDonnell
Thadaeus Hoban, P.P.
Bernard Mulcrone P.P.
Charles Flynn, Rector of Killullagh
Aeneas Killeen,  Rector of Becan
Daniel Knavesie, Rector of Aghamore
Andrew Crean P.P.
Redmund Birmingham  P.P.
Jordan Hosty, P.P.
Henry Morphey
Jerome Gibbon
Edmund McAllen
Edmund Duffy
John Lynod
Fergus Kelly
John McDonnell
Richard Merrick
Richard Jordan
Myles Welch
William O'Malley
John Bradigan
Richard Prendergast
Thadeaus Gunane,  Vicar of Killulagh
Peter Fowell, priest, Tuam
Thadeaus Glynn,  Vicar of Tuam
Edmund Burke,  Vicar of Mayo
John Fitzsimmons,  Vicar of Athenry
Walter Fizmaurice,  priest, Tuam
Hugh Fergus,  priest, Tuam
Patrick O'Malley priest, Tuam
William O'Shaghnessy,  priest,  Tuam
Thadeaus Fahy,  priest, Tuam
Ulick Burke, priest, Tuam
Michael Mullin,  priest,  Tuam

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